Top Reasons to study Statistics at University of Manitoba

1) You love making sense out of data

Data is essential for decision making in all areas of society, and you want to collect it, analyze and extract information from it, and communicate the meaning garnered from it to others. Statistics lives at the core of scientific reasoning, discovery and development and is the expertise that should shape public policy and business decisions.

2) You want a program that is well-recognized and trusted

The Department of Statistics at the University of Manitoba is one of the oldest and largest in Canada. Most of our upper level statistical courses are accredited by the Statistical Society of Canada toward the Associate Statistician (A.Stat.) designation.

3) We offer small class sizes and custom-tailored courses

We have a high ratio of academic staff per statistics students, giving students greater personal attention and more opportunities to tailor their education experience.

4) You want to make solid career connections

Our exciting co-op education option in all our programs will have you participating in three, 4-month work terms, graduating with twelve months of well-paid work experience. You will have an amazing opportunity to meet employers in a wide variety of fields in Winnipeg and in national and international locations and get career support before graduation.

What will I learn?

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Program Options

  • 4-year Majors
  • 4-year Honours
  • 4-year plus 1-year work term Honours (Co-op)
  • 4-year plus 1-year work term Majors (Co-op)
  • 4-year Joint Honours (Computer Science, or Mathematics, or Actuarial Science, or Economics)
Sample Courses
  • STAT 1150 Introduction to Statistics and Computing
  • STAT 2150 Statistics and Computing
  • STAT 2000 Basic Statistical Analysis 2
  • STAT 2400 Introduction to Probability I
  • STAT 3000 Applied Linear Statistical Models
  • STAT 3170 Statistical Quality Control
  • STAT 3490 Time Series Analysis
  • STAT 4100 Statistical Inference 1
  • STAT 4520 Sampling Techniques 1
  • STAT 4530 Design of Experiments 1

What can I do with this degree?

Career Opportunities include:

Work in government agencies such as Statistics Canada and the Manitoba Bureau of Statistics.

Work as a statistician, bio-statistician, or any data analyst in any applied field.

Statistics is one of the top 10 fastest growing occupations, according to the US Bureau of Labour, especially in computing, insurance, consulting

Between 2014 and 2024, the job market for Statisticians is expected to increase by 34%

Opportunities for Future Studies include:

The Department of Statistics offers both Master’s and PhD graduate programs. Study graduate programs to be MSc and PhD professionals and work as a tutor, instructor or lecturer in colleges and universities.