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At the Faculty of Science, we aim to offer students learning opportunities that are innovative, immersive and interactive, preparing them for current and future work environments. To make a transformative impact on the student experience, a transformative investment is required.

We are grateful and very fortunate to continuously receive support from our community of alumni and friends. Thank you.

Every time you choose to make a gift to the Faculty of Science, your support has a lifelong impact. You are unlocking the potential in our students, helping them discover new paths, and positioning them for academic and career success.

Whether you are interested in investing in experiential learning opportunities, creating a scholarship or bursary, or contributing to the upgrading of learning environments, you are directly contributing to the success of our immensely talented students.

For more information or ways to be involved through philanthropic giving, please contact Jennifer Triggs in External Relations at 204-474-7120.

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