Scholarship Adjudication

In the Faculty of Science, the UMGF applications are adjudicated by an interdisciplinary panel of researchers from each department and successful applicants are selected based primarily on their academic ability and proven or potential research aptitude. There are fewer UMGF awards than there are applicants and these are fewer than the number of graduate students enrolled in graduate programs offered by the Faculty of Science.  Accordingly, the competition is stiff and only the best applicants from across the faculty normally receive awards.  (It is, unfortunately, not possible to fund all strong and worthy applicants.) The number of awards available varies from year to year but it would be rare for the Faculty of Science to be allocated more that 25 new awards in any given year.

The Manitoba Graduate Scholarships (MGSs) are adjudicated as a part of the UMGF competition with the best UMGF winners from across the University receiving MGS top-ups.

For details about the adjudication process, contact the appropriate department.

Applying for UMGFs

The application form is only available in PDF format, here: Faculty of Science UMGF Application 2015.  This document is form-fillable and is designed to be completed by the applicant and submitted to the applicant’s department by their intended deadline.

UMGF Guidelines and Tips for Improving Applications

These UMGF Guidelines provide information beyond the instructions provided with the application form and is intended to be read by all those involved in UMGF applications: the applicants, those writing letters of reference, and representatives of departments involved in processing the UMGF applications from students in their departments.