3D Print Studio

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Operated in the Allen building
Universe in epic visual style

Open House at lockhart planetarium

Last Wednesday of Every Month - 392 university college


3D Print Studio

The 3D Print Studio operated in the Allen building by staff and students of the Department of Physics and Astronomy is available to all Faculty of Science Students and Staff as a resource to support research and academic inquiries. This includes hands-on training programs.

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The Astronomy Open Houses will continue throughout the fall. The Open Houses will be help at 7:00 pm on the last Wednesday of each month from September from November, inclusive. Please note that due to the planetarium itself being under renovation and large crowd sizes, we will be hosting the Open Houses in Room 240 of University College.

Learn about our universe in epic visual style!

The Manitoba Institute for Materials

Lying adjacent to the Department of Physics and Astronomy occupying the home of the former cyclotron, the Manitoba Institute for Materials (MIM) offers a robust set of materials characterization tools. MIM is an interdisciplinary facility that hosts collaborations uniting numerous departments in the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Engineering.

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Find internal forms for use by members of the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

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