Michael Kossin’s Science Photography in Bloomberg Magazine

Michael Kossin is an MSc candidate in subatomic physics at the University of Manitoba with a passion and talent for capturing photographs in the lab. His natural colour long-exposure photograph of  the FrPNC laboratory at TRIUMF, Canada’s National Laboratory for Nuclear and Particle Physics, caught the eye of Bloomberg Businessweek magazine where it is now showcased, paired with...


Connecting Heaven and Earth: UM Researchers Have Highly Anticipated Nuclear Experiment Underway

Neutron stars were recently in the news because the gravitational wave observatory, LIGO, detected a neutron star merger.  Neutron stars are very interesting objects.  A teaspoon of neutron star matter is so dense it would weigh about 10 million tons!  The remnants of supernovae explosions, neutron stars tell us about the origin of matter in...


Congratulations 2018 University Merit Award Recipient Khodr Shamseddine

The Department of Physics and Astronomy would like to congratulate Dr. Shamseddine for receiving the 2018 University Merit Award for a “Combination of Teaching, Service and Research, Scholarly Work and Other Creative Activities”

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September 20

The Continual Threat of Space Weather Storms | Dr. Roger Dube, Professor, RIT

Faculty of Science visiting lecture with Dr. Roger Dube

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September 24

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