The weak side of the proton

An international team, including several university of Manitoba researchers, have gained new insight into the most elusive of the four fundamental forces in nature, the weak force, through research they undertook as a member of the Q-weak collaboration. The experiment they carried out revealed one of the weak force’s secrets: the precise strength of its grip on the proton

Understanding the evolution of the galaxies

Using new observations gleaned from the world’s most expensive ground-based telescope in operation, U of M researchers published their findings on a supermassive black hole that powers the celestial equivalent of a colossal fountain.

Radio Data Centre

U of M Astrophysicists together with colleagues from six other Canadian institutions, and a host of international partners have received $10 million in new CFI funding to create an innovative astronomical data system and usher in a new era of discovery.

2018 Governor General’s Gold Medal Recipient

Elizabeth Skorpata made a big impression for her work on nanomaterials she was the 2018 recipient of the Governor General’s Award, awarded for outstanding achievement at the doctoral graduate level.
Observational Astronomy

Open House

Last Wednesday of the month, Room 240 University College, 7PM

Canada’s Most
Powerful Women

Dr. Samar Safi-Harb, Canada Research Chair in Supernova Remnants Astrophysics, Women’s Executive Network (WXN) 2017 Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100 Award winner in the ‘trailblazers and trendsetters’ category.

News and Events


Astronomy Open House

Come discover the night sky and our solar system. This free two-hour open house event, includes a presentation by an...


“What does Quantum Mechanics have to do with Astrophysics?”

Prasenjit Saha Physik-Institut, University of Zurich

Location: Allen Building


Physics and Astronomy Colloquia: Prasenjit Saha (ICS, University of Zurich)

Fri, Mar 29 Prasenjit Saha (ICS, University of Zurich)


Jason Clark, Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory

Jason Clark, Physics Division, Argonne National Laboratory

Location: Allen Building


Faculty of Science: Michel Dumontier, Maastricht University (Amsterdam)

Faculty of Science 2019 Interdisciplinary Lecture Series: Fundamental Science the Launchpad to Innovation presents: Michel Dumontier, Distinguished Professor Data Science...

Location: University of Manitoba - Fort Garry


Dark Matters at the Manitoba Museum

Join Michelle Boyce for an evening exploring the latest research regarding dark matter. The event includes a reception, a viewing of the Planetarium show “Phantom of the Universe”, and a paired presentation/Q&A session with Michelle. The reception kicks off the evening at 7:00 PM Thursday March 21, 2019 at the Manitoba Museum Planetarium.


UM Today: Come cheer on this year’s 3MT finalists on March 18

From health to the humanities, the finalists for this year’s 3MT competition are demonstrating how graduate student research at the University of Manitoba benefits our greater community. Seventy-three students applied, 36 competed in three heats, and the judges narrowed it down to 14. Those finalists – both masters and doctoral students – are now gearing...


Physics and Astronomy Day – Schedule

Physics and Astronomy Day 2019 will be held 9:00 AM- 3:00 PM on March 16. The full schedule is now available on our website. To get an idea of what the day will be like, you can also look at an archive of photos and activities from previous Physics and Astronomy Days.


Congratulations to our 2019 3MT competitors. 

  Wolfgang Klassen and Tyson Reimer gave excellent presentations in a highly competitive 3MT heat yesterday afternoon. Special congratulations to Wolfgang who earned a place in the 3MT finals which will take place on March 18 @ 7pm in the Robert B. Schultz Lecture Theatre at St. John’s College.


Understanding the evolution of galaxies

You might say that Professor Chris O’Dea is a “big picture” kind of guy. For an astrophysicist, that’s a good thing. Possibly the biggest phenomena O’Dea has studied in his long career is Abell 2597, one of the universe’s most massive structures. Located a billion light-years from Earth, this giant elliptical galaxy is surrounded by...


Faculty Outreach Awards

Congratulations to Ruth Cameron and Danielle Pahud for winning Community Engagement Awards that recognize efforts bringing Physics and Astronomy beyond the borders of the University!


Kyla Smith recipient of Dean of Graduate Studies Student Achievement Award

Congratulations to Kyla Smith, for being selected as a recipient of the Dean of Graduate Studies Student Achievement Award from the university’s Faculty of Graduate Studies. The award recognizes outstanding performance as a graduate student for academic excellence, leadership, teaching ability volunteerism and mentorship. The Student Achievement Award is the latest accolade for the current...