Registration Information for all Master’s and Ph.D. students (new students and students who are continuing in their programs):

All graduate students are required to register every academic term which includes Fall, Winter, and Summer. If students do not register, they will be discontinued from their program of study.

Please, note that due to the COVID-19 Pandemics, Microbiology graduate courses will be delivered online.

Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 Terms:

  • July 23: Registration for Fall 2020 & Winter 2021 Terms opens in Aurora for returning students
  • September 9:  Fall Term begins
  •  January 18, 2021: Winter Term 2021 begins

Registration for Fall  2020 opens July 23, 2020

  • Before registering for courses, discuss with your supervisor the different options for taking courses during the first year and beyond. If you are a Ph.D. student, your supervisor may advise you to take different courses than the ones proposed below.
  • All courses are online for the Fall term. For courses, that span through both Fall (Part A) and Winter (Part B) terms,   Part B is planned to be delivered on campus.
  • Please, note that there is a new mandatory online course for all students called Research Integrity.

New Master’s Students or new Ph.D. students with no previous graduate course credits:

Register for:

Course # Term CRN
Research Integrity GRAD 7300 Fall 2020
Academic Integrity GRAD 7500 Fall 2020 1929
Graduate Seminar in Microbiology 1 MBIO 7010 Fall 2020
Graduate Microbiology MBIO 7040 Fall 2020

New Ph.D. Students (students that have transferred from Master’s program or new Ph.D. students that have 6 graduate course credits from previous studies):

Register for:

Course # Term CRN
Research Integrity GRAD 7300 Fall 2020
Academic Integrity GRAD 7500 Fall 2020 1929
Graduate Seminar in Microbiology 2 MBIO 7020 Fall 2020
One of MBIO 7060/7070/7100/7160/7200 MBIO 7040 Fall 2020

All students:

Register for:

Course # Term CRN
Research Integrity GRAD 7300 Fall 2020
Master’s Registration or Re-registration GRAD 7020 Fall 2020 1471
Doctoral Registration or Re-registration GRAD 8020 Fall 2020 1476

Second  or third-year students may need to register for:

Course # Term CRN
Candidacy GRAD 7020 Fall 2020 1475
Master Thesis Defense GRAD 7000 Fall 2020 1469
Ph.D. Thesis Defense GRAD 8000 Fall 2020 1474

As long as you are in a registration/re-registration course for each term, you will retain status in your graduate program even if you withdraw from other courses.

Exceptions to Fall 2020 term re-registration:

  • Students on a Parental or Exceptional Leave do not have to register in the term(s) for which this kind of leave is approved. Students on a Regular Leave are still required to register for the re-registration course in each term.
  • Students who anticipate graduating in October 2020 are not required to register for the Summer 2020 term.

Additional Information about the Compulsory GRAD 7500 Academic Integrity Tutorial

All graduate students must register for and complete GRAD 7500 Academic Integrity Tutorial one time. This is a zero (0) credit-hour course intended to introduce students to their basic responsibilities regarding academic integrity and to the resources available to them.

Failure to successfully complete this course within the first term of registration will result in the suspension of registration privileges, and potentially, a failed grade and Required to Withdraw action.


  • Please only register for GRAD 7500 once. Do not register in subsequent terms while admitted to the same degree program.
  • Students MUST complete GRAD 7500 even if:
  • They have already completed the Research Integrity course.
  • They have already completed a similar departmental seminar course.
  • Their thesis is in the middle of the distribution.
  • They are a Pre-Masters student.
  • A span of time of one (1) or more term(s) separates one graduate degree program from another graduate degree program (for instance, if a student completed GRAD 7500 at the Master’s level, took a break of one (1) or more terms and was admitted to another Master’s or Ph.D. program)
  • Students are not required to complete GRAD 7500 if:
  • They are a Ph.D. student who already completed GRAD 7500 during their Master’s program (without a span of time between programs)