Microbiology Retreat 2019

St. Norbert Arts Centre
Andrew Hogan

2019 Vanier Scholar

Exploring how traditional lab work can be combined with artificial intelligence to discover new antibiotics
CIHR funding to support transformative health research

Reversing the progression of Tay-Sachs disease and Sandhoff Disease (also known as the GM2 gangliosidoses)

Dr. Brian Mark is working on the development of a therapeutic modality to treat GM2 gangliosidoses
Forging a new path in Microbiology and Statistics

Understanding human fungal pathogens and their resistance to antimicrobials

Professor Aleeza Gerstein studies 'how many different ways are there for pathogens to become resistant to drugs?'
Peter Pelka

Understanding the processes that deregulate cancer

Dr. Peter Pelka uses viruses to study cellular processes, particularly in relation to cancer

New antibacterial compound to combat cystic fibrosis infections

Dr. Silvia Cardona publishes results of cystic-fibrosis-related interdisciplinary research in prestigious ASM journal

News & Events


RiboWest 2019

The Western Canada RNA Conference, RiboWest, brings together RNA scientists from across Canada and the northwestern United States.

Location: University of Manitoba - Fort Garry


Food Systems Student Symposium

Food Systems Student Symposium 2nd Annual Graduate Student Symposium presented by UoM FSRG


Introducing Manitoba’s first Fecal Microbiota Transplant Program

Not all poop is the same, at least when it comes to fecal transplants. Typically a topic avoided in polite conversation, Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) is the transfer of one individual’s stool to another. The procedure can be life-saving for Canadians who have battled, or are battling, a Clostridium difficile (C. diff) infection. Patients with C. diff...


Microbiology Retreat 2019

The Department of Microbiology took time out from their busy schedules to attend a retreat from May 28th through 29th at the St. Norbert Arts Centre. Tuesday focused on mental health, with attendees treated to a presentation on mindfulness by author/consultant/mindfulness expert Keith McPherson in the morning and a “JackTalk” on the “Basics of Mental...


With more than 20 participants 3MM (three minutes of Microbiology) is a go!

Recognizing the importance of effective communication in Science and cross-pollination of ideas and techniques, the Department of Microbiology is hosting a 3MM (three minutes of Microbiology!) on May 29 during the Microbiology Annual Retreat. The 3MM event is encouraging students and professors to share their research using a 3MT (3 minute thesis) style presentation. The...


GlycoNet: Protein engineering enables better treatment for rare inherited metabolic disorders

As GlycoNet reports: One in every 5,000 Canadian newborns develops lysosomal storage disorders (LSD), a type of metabolic diseases caused by genetic mutations. Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff diseases are amongst the most severe LSD. Children suffering from these diseases lack an enzyme that can recycle used lipids (gangliosides) in their neurons. Eventually, the un-recycled gangliosides accumulate...


@prehnalab @CanLightSource @LabPetry @trushar_7 @ChelicoUSASK Great presentation and wonderful contributions from your new lab trainees!

ManitobaMicrobiology @MBMicrobiology 1 day ago

Congratulations on your @CSM_SCM award Raelene!!! @umanitobasci @MBMicrobiology https://t.co/j9n6VgdVIe

ManitobaMicrobiology @MBMicrobiology 1 week ago

Congrats to the @csm2019 poster winners! https://t.co/hRUyL4ERQM

ManitobaMicrobiology @MBMicrobiology 1 week ago
ManitobaMicrobiology @MBMicrobiology 1 week ago

@UMmicrogsa has another busy day at CSM. https://t.co/2hwx0K9DDz

More posters! Ankoor (Mark lab) and Deen (Court lab) presenting their work at CSM https://t.co/RpxEPKnhCf

@markowenmartin @univpugetsound @ASMicrobiology @CSM_SCM We are also very impressed! That's really great!!

Sabrin is presenting her work on the First Nation water quality at @csm2019 @CSM_SCM

@IvanOresnik still has it!!😀 doing great at the poster session. @csm2019 @CSM_SCM

@MBMicrobiology is well represented @csm2019 @CSM_SCM. @acgerstein and @rakeshmicrocosm enjoying some nice local beer.

anita_rayray presents her work at the CSM poster session https://t.co/dfRpfuFVzT

Busy day for @umanitoba microbiology team at the Canadian Society of Microbiologists poster session https://t.co/ii36PxByGP

Very interesting paper unpicking the impact of phages in a gut environment... https://t.co/tl9qpub9Wt

.⁦@MBMicrobiology⁩ retreats right! A morning and early afternoon spent discussing mental health and mindfulness with ⁦@jackdotorg⁩ and Keith McPherson and a late afternoon round table in a most pleasant environment. ⁦@umanitobasci⁩

Bug thanks to the organizers and all the participants and speakers (and to mother nature for the lovely weather!) https://t.co/1Ba7qQUMqL

ManitobaMicrobiology @MBMicrobiology 3 weeks ago

Seminar: Using flux balance analysis to interrogate the metabolism of symbiotic nitrogen fixation Dr. George diCenzo, Queen's University Fri. May 31, 9 AM, 527 Buller @UofmMicroclub @UMmicrogsa @umanitobasci

ManitobaMicrobiology @MBMicrobiology 3 weeks ago

Welcome to the world of microbiology #VernaJKirkness students! https://t.co/NLk5WPOYS4

ManitobaMicrobiology @MBMicrobiology 3 weeks ago

Our lab was happy to help out Dr. Chris Schneider in this endeavor. Manitoba's first fecal transplant ends patient's year of antibiotic-resistant misery https://t.co/VIW1SHmXYv