Microbiology Retreat 2019

St. Norbert Arts Centre
Andrew Hogan

2019 Vanier Scholar

Exploring how traditional lab work can be combined with artificial intelligence to discover new antibiotics
CIHR funding to support transformative health research

Reversing the progression of Tay-Sachs disease and Sandhoff Disease (also known as the GM2 gangliosidoses)

Dr. Brian Mark is working on the development of a therapeutic modality to treat GM2 gangliosidoses
Forging a new path in Microbiology and Statistics

Understanding human fungal pathogens and their resistance to antimicrobials

Professor Aleeza Gerstein studies 'how many different ways are there for pathogens to become resistant to drugs?'
Peter Pelka

Understanding the processes that deregulate cancer

Dr. Peter Pelka uses viruses to study cellular processes, particularly in relation to cancer

New antibacterial compound to combat cystic fibrosis infections

Dr. Silvia Cardona publishes results of cystic-fibrosis-related interdisciplinary research in prestigious ASM journal

News & Events


University to Work: An adventure in Biological Data Sciences Dr. Julie Chih-yu Chen

Dr. Julie Chih-yu Chen, Friday, February 28th, 3:30-5:00pm, 205 Armes

Location: University of Manitoba - Fort Garry,Armes Lecture Building 30B Sifton Road Winnipeg MB,205


University students solve world problems at Invent for the Planet competition

On Feb. 14-16, the University of Manitoba hosted Invent for the Planet 2020, an international idea and design competition open to all post-secondary students in Manitoba. In a span of 48 hours, seven teams of up to seven students each from Brandon University, the University of Winnipeg and UM all competed to develop innovative solutions...


Copy of Celebrating those who inspire – Faculty of Science Awards

Celebrating those who inspire. Recognizing excellence in teaching, research, service, and mentorship. The 2019 Faculty of Science Awards were distributed to the following exemplary faculty members. In many cases, the recipients were nominated by their peers, students and colleagues. The awards represent the best in contributions to scholarly work and commitment to the pursuit of...


Alumni Prove Science Degrees Open Many Doors

This years’ honourees boast a depth and breadth of technical and professional experience to be admired. From Winnipeg to the Arctic Circle, from California to Kenya and war-torn Iraq, their work has effected positive change around the globe. Whether developing cancer vaccines, investigating climate change, optimizing resource management or discovering solutions to mitigate environmental contaminants,...


“No Experience Wasted”: Honoured Alum Karin Thacker Extolls the Virtues of Being Open to Opportunity

If you ask Karin Thacker [BSc/93, MSc /95 ] about her current job, she’ll tell you she’s right where she wants to be. The former Winnipegger believes her position as Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs at Gritstone Oncology (headquartered in Emeryville, California) is the culmination of every post she’s ever had, no matter how...


Dr. Sabine Kuss -Quantitative Bioelectrochemistry – Innovative Approaches towards Detection of Drug Resistance in Bacteria and Cancer Wed at 3:30 in 306 Buller Brought to you by the Manitoba Group for Protein Structure and Function @UofmMicroclub @UMmicrogsa @umanitobasci

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Microbes to clean up oil spills! Dr. Vince Palace at Stone Angel Brewing for Science on Tap: Wed at 6 pm! @UofmMicroclub @UMmicrogsa @BioscienceMB @umanitobasci @LTS_UofM

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Patricia Ordonez's MSc defence is this Friday!! @UofmMicroclub @UMmicrogsa @umanitobasci

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Aamer Kurdi's MSc defense is Thurs Feb 13 at 9 am!! Please note the location - the Russell Building @umanitobasci @UMmicrogsa @UofmMicroclub @ayushkumarLab

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Please join us for Abdul-Rahman Bukari's seminar Tuesday Feb 11 in 207 Buller at 2:30! @UMmicrogsa @UofmMicroclub @umanitobasci

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Thanks so much Karin Thacker for sharing the wisdom you've gained on your journey to becoming a VP Regulatory Affairs at Gritstone Oncology! @umanitobasci @UofmMicroclub @UMmicrogsa

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Bake sale tomorrow in support of the undergraduate microbiology students club! Catch us in fletcher argue!

Karin Thacker is our Microbiology Honoured Alumna. Please join us for her presentation to undergraduates Thursday at 1 pm in 408 Tier or at the Faculty of Science Discover your Future in Science Event at 3:30. @UofmMicroclub @UMmicrogsa @umanitobasci https://t.co/9ldfMzoglv

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"No experience is ever wasted." says Karin Thacker [BSc/93, MSc/95], VP-Global Regulatory Affairs @gritstoneonc. Karin is helping move novel cancer vaccines into the clinic. Join Karin and many other amazing alum @ Careers in Science Jan. 30, 3:30PM https://t.co/rF1vtOewf5

We don't quote CNN very often (...) but this one is well worth it: The heroines STEM: Ten women in science you should know. Thanks @HugoBeltrami for the ref.! https://t.co/AQWT5znkI0

Please join us on Thurs at 1:00 to hear Karin Thacker's journey from @MBMicrobiology student in Buller, to VP Regulatory Affairs, Gritstone Oncology. Find out how she ensures her company's products get to patients. Everyone is welcome! @UMmicrogsa @UofmMicroclub @umanitobasci

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Did you know that all ECRs who have submitted applications to past CIHR Observer Programs are required to re-submit an application to be considered in 2020? For application instructions, please visit our website. https://t.co/W5014b7Rc2

We have a position open for an MSc student investigating the host-pathogen infectome between Fusarium and wheat. Please RT and send enthusiastic and motivated candidates my way! @UofG_MCB @ShapiroRebecca

Please join us for Jigeesha Mukherjee's seminar tomorrow at 2:30 in 207 Buller. @UofmMicroclub @UMmicrogsa @umanitobasci

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Canadian postdoc friends and followers - give this survey a go! It's important to hear your voice. Tagging my current and former research institutions here in hopes that they can help me spread the word. @UofRegina @usask https://t.co/VRhT1S8tCd

Check out PIKE-Net summer internships opportunites in Indigenous Health @UofM_Indigenous @UofmMicroclub @umanitobasci @BUGS_UofM https://t.co/k5GWtVoH3Y

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A woman scientist/engineer - ahead of the field. We are proud to call her our graduate and recipient of our inaugural memorial award https://t.co/wIfD0orb2i

Mitacs announces new 2 year, $30,000 scholarship focused on international female post-secondary graduate students working in the fields of STEM named in honour of Forough. https://t.co/6FPs13t6xZ

Join us for tomorrow's seminar by Steve Daley! 207 Buller at 2:30 on Tues Jan 20. @UofmMicroclub @UMmicrogsa @umanitobasci

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