Panel and Roundtable

Careers in Science - Pathways to Exceptional Achievement

January 30 | Marshall McLuhan Hall | 3:30PM | Free Food & Career Advice

Microbiology Retreat 2019

St. Norbert Arts Centre
Andrew Hogan

2019 Vanier Scholar

Exploring how traditional lab work can be combined with artificial intelligence to discover new antibiotics
CIHR funding to support transformative health research

Reversing the progression of Tay-Sachs disease and Sandhoff Disease (also known as the GM2 gangliosidoses)

Dr. Brian Mark is working on the development of a therapeutic modality to treat GM2 gangliosidoses
Forging a new path in Microbiology and Statistics

Understanding human fungal pathogens and their resistance to antimicrobials

Professor Aleeza Gerstein studies 'how many different ways are there for pathogens to become resistant to drugs?'
Peter Pelka

Understanding the processes that deregulate cancer

Dr. Peter Pelka uses viruses to study cellular processes, particularly in relation to cancer

New antibacterial compound to combat cystic fibrosis infections

Dr. Silvia Cardona publishes results of cystic-fibrosis-related interdisciplinary research in prestigious ASM journal

News & Events


Careers in Science - Pathways to Exceptional Achievement Event, with Honoured Alumni

On Thursday, January 30, 2020, join us for a discussion on careers in STEM, meet Alumni from over the years...

Location: University of Manitoba - Fort Garry,University Centre


Undergraduate Science Student Town Hall

Undergraduate Student Town Hall Science & Technology Library 12-1PM We want to hear from you. How can we improve your...

Location: University of Manitoba - Fort Garry,Machray Hall 186 Dysart Road Winnipeg MB


“No Experience Wasted”: Honoured Alum Karin Thacker Extolls the Virtues of Being Open to Opportunity

If you ask Karin Thacker [BSc/93, MSc /95 ] about her current job, she’ll tell you she’s right where she wants to be. The former Winnipegger believes her position as Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs at Gritstone Oncology (headquartered in Emeryville, California) is the culmination of every post she’s ever had, no matter how...


Faculty of Science celebrates 50 years

The Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba celebrates 50 years as an independent faculty in 2020. We pay tribute to 50 years of first class science education, research, discovery and invention and, encouraged by increasing awareness that science is for everyone, we look forward to the next 50 years. We invite you to...


Understanding a complex network of factors – disease and virulence

PhD student Tasia Lightly is no quitter. Co-author of a thought-provoking paper recently published by the American Society for Microbiology’s peer-reviewed journal “Applied and Environmental Microbiology” entitled ‘Phenylacetyl-CoA, not phenylacetic acid, attenuates CepIR-regulated virulence in Burkholderia cenocepacia’, the Department of Microbiology student says she’s always been this way. “I’m the kind who, when they start...


Welcome Back

New students enrolled in the Faculty of Science had a great time at the orientation day organized by the Science Students Association, (SSA), in collaboration with a number of other groups on September 3, 2019. The day included panel discussions from both peers, professors, student advisors, and industry representatives including: David Owasi (David Aplin Group),...


We don't quote CNN very often (...) but this one is well worth it: The heroines STEM: Ten women in science you should know. Thanks @HugoBeltrami for the ref.!

Please join us on Thurs at 1:00 to hear Karin Thacker's journey from @MBMicrobiology student in Buller, to VP Regulatory Affairs, Gritstone Oncology. Find out how she ensures her company's products get to patients. Everyone is welcome! @UMmicrogsa @UofmMicroclub @umanitobasci

ManitobaMicrobiology @MBMicrobiology 1 day ago

Did you know that all ECRs who have submitted applications to past CIHR Observer Programs are required to re-submit an application to be considered in 2020? For application instructions, please visit our website.

We have a position open for an MSc student investigating the host-pathogen infectome between Fusarium and wheat. Please RT and send enthusiastic and motivated candidates my way! @UofG_MCB @ShapiroRebecca

Please join us for Jigeesha Mukherjee's seminar tomorrow at 2:30 in 207 Buller. @UofmMicroclub @UMmicrogsa @umanitobasci

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Canadian postdoc friends and followers - give this survey a go! It's important to hear your voice. Tagging my current and former research institutions here in hopes that they can help me spread the word. @UofRegina @usask

Check out PIKE-Net summer internships opportunites in Indigenous Health @UofM_Indigenous @UofmMicroclub @umanitobasci @BUGS_UofM

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A woman scientist/engineer - ahead of the field. We are proud to call her our graduate and recipient of our inaugural memorial award

Mitacs announces new 2 year, $30,000 scholarship focused on international female post-secondary graduate students working in the fields of STEM named in honour of Forough.

Join us for tomorrow's seminar by Steve Daley! 207 Buller at 2:30 on Tues Jan 20. @UofmMicroclub @UMmicrogsa @umanitobasci

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Celebration of the life of an accomplished young scientist and a kind human being! @umanitoba @UManAlumni @um_research @UManitobaHSGSA @sbrc @Women_Research @lindaunobel @foroughkhadem @globalnews @WinnipegNews @CBCManitoba @BioscienceMB @MitacsCanada @ctvwinnipeg @MBLegislature

Hey @umanitoba students! Come visit us this week at your career fairs to find out how you can work for Parks Canada!

Ask your prof, or announce to your students, and do it in class! RT @umanitoba At noon tomorrow, the U of M will join other unis across Canada in holding a moment of silence to honour those who died in the Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 tragedy.

This Week at Science - Jan. 14, 2020 50th Anniversary Kick-Off I Love Science Pep Rally, 2020 Honoured Alumni, Careers in Science & Coop Info Sessions, 3MT Thesis Competition and more -

Chris Graham will present his PhD seminar on Thurs Jan 16. Please join us in hearing the prelude to his thesis! @UofmMicroclub @UMmicrogsa @umanitobasci

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... @myatomicnumber @johnjhayward myself and others are coorganizing the May 27: first LGBTQ+ symposium at #CCCE2020 in Winnipeg, and October 2-4: will again be hosting the @lgbtqplusstem conference in Windsor. If I have missed any please let me know (2/2)

.@umanitobasci 50th anniversary festivities kick-off Jan. 16, with an “I Love Science” Pep Rally, from 12-2pm, @MyUMSU University Centre. Check out the time capsule, prizes and treats! #umanitoba

Wondering what to do next summer? Experience Research! ✅ Gain rewarding experience ✅ Be mentored full-time with a professor of your choice ✅ $7000 monetary award Apply for a @um_research + @MyUMSU Undergraduate Research Award! Deadline is Jan. 24.

Faculty of Science celebrates 50 years!