Computer Science

Robots as co-workers?

Dr. James Young explores how companies can introduce robots into our work environments and how they can be better integrated into our homes.


Dr. Andrea Bunt - 2019 recipient of CS-Can/Info-Can Outstanding Young Computer Science Researcher Awards
Computer Science

Making devices smarter

Dr. Pourang Irani is bringing to life the wearable technologies and hologram projection devices of tomorrow, that could give new tools to disaster-response workers, doctors and educators.
Data Science NEXUS

Bringing data to life

Promoting interdisciplinary research and collaboration, driving innovation through optimal decision-making, and training future data scientists.



University students solve world problems at Invent for the Planet competition

On Feb. 14-16, the University of Manitoba hosted Invent for the Planet 2020, an international idea and design competition open to all post-secondary students in Manitoba. In a span of 48 hours, seven teams of up to seven students each from Brandon University, the University of Winnipeg and UM all competed to develop innovative solutions...


Copy of Celebrating those who inspire – Faculty of Science Awards

Celebrating those who inspire. Recognizing excellence in teaching, research, service, and mentorship. The 2019 Faculty of Science Awards were distributed to the following exemplary faculty members. In many cases, the recipients were nominated by their peers, students and colleagues. The awards represent the best in contributions to scholarly work and commitment to the pursuit of...


Alumni Prove Science Degrees Open Many Doors

This years’ honourees boast a depth and breadth of technical and professional experience to be admired. From Winnipeg to the Arctic Circle, from California to Kenya and war-torn Iraq, their work has effected positive change around the globe. Whether developing cancer vaccines, investigating climate change, optimizing resource management or discovering solutions to mitigate environmental contaminants,...


What led Honoured Alum Dr. Mark Evans to become a leading innovator and entrepreneur in Winnipeg

Back in the days when computer science was relatively new, Dr. Mark Evans was a student writing code in Mr. Fast’s class at River East Collegiate. He remembers learning the coding language FORTRAN, as well as using punch cards to run programs. In his first year in Computer Science at the UM in 1980, punch...


Faculty of Science celebrates 50 years

The Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba celebrates 50 years as an independent faculty in 2020. We pay tribute to 50 years of first class science education, research, discovery and invention and, encouraged by increasing awareness that science is for everyone, we look forward to the next 50 years. We invite you to...

Researcher Profiles

John Anderson

Multi-Robot Systems, Multi-Agent Systems, Dynamic Heterogeneous Teamwork, robot interaction, mapping and space management, learning in…

James Young

human-robot interaction (HRI), human-computer interaction (HCI), domestic robots, social human-robot interaction, aging and robots, gender…

Stephane Durocher

My research is in computational geometry, data structures, geometric optimization, and discrete algorithms. My recent…

Ben Li

My research interests lie in combinatorics and theoretical computer science. More specifically, I am interested…

Carson Kai-Sang Leung

Data mining and analysis (including data analytics, data science & business intelligence solutions) Big data,…

Pourang Irani

Research Involves: Designing and implementing software tools to facilitate interaction with information in a ubiquitous…

Peter Graham

Parallel and Distributed Systems Pervasive and Mobile Computing Computational Grids and Advanced Computing Environments Compiler…

Franklin Bristow

Teaching & pedagogy, bioinformatics

Andrea Bunt

Dr. Andrea Bunt is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the…

Christina Penner

Courses I teach include: Introduction to Computer Science Technical Communication in Computer Science Professional Practice…

Shahin Kamali

I have a broad interest in design, analysis and limitations of algorithms. I am particularly…


New special topics grad course: "Technology & Aging" offered in Winter 2020. Contact @clatulip

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 2 months ago

Thank you Dr. Mike @umanitoba @umanitobasci for stopping by to give us a run down on CS at UM #fascinating #neighbours #anotheroption

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs Retweeted 2 months ago

New course offering! COMP 3190 (Intro to AI) will be offered in Winter 2020 with a limited number of spots!

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 2 months ago

International success for U of M Robot Team at FIRA HuroCup

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 5 months ago

We're hiring a tenure track position in Neuroscience (joint with Biological Sciences):

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 5 months ago

We're hiring a tenure-track professor:

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 5 months ago

We're hiring an Instructor:

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 5 months ago

Congratulations to Mia Battad – we're looking forward to meeting you soon.

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 6 months ago

Congratulations to Dr Andrea Bunt on being a recipient of this year's CS-Can|Info-Can Outstanding Young Computer Science Researcher Award!

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 11 months ago

Congratulations to Dr. Pourang Irani and everyone involved in this NSERC Create program: New program will help us manage and prevent chronic and infectious diseases

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 2 years ago

Seminar Tomorrow, 1pm E2-304, Dr Erin Chambers from @SLU_Official: "Burning the Medial Axis". It's a topic that's related to problems in computer vision, artificial intelligence, and graphics.

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 2 years ago

Seminar Tomorrow, 1pm E2-304, @Eleni_Stroulia from @UAlbertaCS: "Smart Condo: IoT for Social Good"

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 2 years ago

Tickets are on sale now via EventBrite!

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CTV Winnipeg: Local research team to compete in robot olympics via @YouTube

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 2 years ago

Nothing but net: U of M develops AI to compete in international robot competition via @metrotoronto

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 2 years ago

Congrats to our own Brett Jewell, and the entire team, as @umbisons book first trip to hoops nationals since 1985

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 2 years ago

Seminar Tomorrow, 1pm E2-105: "Use of High Performance Computing in Power Systems Simulation and Its Challenges"

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 2 years ago

Seminar Thurs, 1pm E2-165: Ji Hyun Ko, "How can we improve diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease using machine learning?"

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 2 years ago

Seminar Tomorrow, 1:30 E2-320: Chuck Loewen, Founder @obs_global, his path to success/advice to future entrepreneurs

UofManitoba Comp Sci @uofmcs 3 years ago

Computer Science Co-op Program

Integrates academic studies with paid work experience. Beginning in their third year of Computer Science studies, Co-op students alternate four month academic terms with four month Computer Science relevant work terms.