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Faculty of Science
239 Machray Hall
186 Dysart Road
University of Manitoba,
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada

Office Hours

Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM*, with some exceptions.

*Phone lines open at 8:30 AM

PHONE: 204-474-8256
FAX: 204-474-7618

Questions about admissions, programs, course selection?

Please contact a science academic advisor.

Science Academic Advisors



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Deans office

Dean of the Faculty of Science, Professor of Physics and Astronomy

Baum, Stefi

251 Machray Hall 204-474-9348
Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, Professor of Microbiology

De Kievit, Teresa

249 Machray Hall 204-474-7855
Associate Dean, Student Experience

Koczanski, Krystyna

249 Machray Hall
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs (On Leave)

Li, Ben

249 Machray Hall 204-474-8231
Associate Dean, Administration, Professor

Loewen, Peter

248 Machray Hall

Deans Office Administration

Director/Chair of the Integrated Science Program, Senior Instructor, Computer Science

Michael Zapp

E2-409 EITC-E2 204-474-9938
Financial Assistant

Aggie Roberecki

255 Machray Hall 204-272-1557
Confidential Assistant to the Associate Deans (Undergraduate)

Albinet-Lecocq, Teresa

239 Machray Hall
Assistant to the Business Manager

Deters-Yarema, Andrea

235 Machray Hall 204-474-6228
Faculty Lead for Equity, Diversity, and Community, Canada Research Chair in Supernova (Remnants) Astrophysics, Professor

Safi-Harb, Samar

311 Allen 204-474-7104
Business Manager

Schultz, Trevor

237 Machray Hall 204-474-9365
Confidential Assistant to the Dean

Shantz, Marilyn

248A Machray Hall 204-474-9348
Registration and Scheduling Specialist

Warkentin, Vicky

230 Machray Hall 204-474-9965
Confidential Assistant to the Associate Deans (Research)

Zacharias, Tanya

239 Machray Hall 204-474-8507

Academic Advisors

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Adams, Christine

232 Machray Hall 204-474-8256
Jr. Academic Advisor

Flynn, Robin

239 Machray Hall 204-272-1518
Jr. Academic Advisor

Ivonchuk, Lauren

239 Machray Hall 204-474-8256
Academic Advisor

Small, Leslie

239 Machray Hall 204-474-8256
Academic Advisor

Suffield, Kristin

239 Machray Hall 204-474-8256
Academic Advisor

Synkiw, Kathy

239 Machray Hall 204-474-8256
Jr. Academic Advisor (on leave)

Taylor, Linnea

239 Machray Hall (204) 474-8256
Academic Advisor

Tolton, Ashley

239 Machray Hall 204-474-8256
Academic Undergraduate Advising Officer

Yee, Kate

230C Machray Hall 204-474-9382
Jr. Academic Advisor

Yelland, Sydney

239 Machray Hall

Co-op Program

Science Co-op Director

Anderson, Geoffrey

E2-484 EITC 204-474-9588
Computer Science Co-op Support

Barros, Elizabeth

E2-499 EITC
Science Co-op Support

Stoyko, Jan

E2-483 EITC 204-474-7863
Science Co-op Coordinator

Timpog, Riya

E2-483 EITC 204-474-7396
Computer Science Co-op Coordinator

Wise, Lisa

E2-499B EITC 204-474-8695

Research & Industry

Industry & Community Liaison Officer

Galaugher, Jolen

214 Buller Building
Research Facilitator & Business Development Officer

Kindrachuk, Kristen

214 Buller Building 204-474-9058

Advancement + Communications + Outreach + STEAM

Digital Social Media Communications Specialist

Alejandro-Yarema, Warren

240 Machray Hall
Event & Communications Assistant

Beck, Jordan

239 Machray Hall 474-8051
Program Outreach and STEAM Coordinator

Goel, Seema

121 Machray Hall 204-474-6592
Science Engagement Coordinator

Harris, Victoria

249 Machray Hall 204-474-8747
Communications & Promotions Officer

MacRae, Jennifer

233 Machray Hall 204-474-8790

IT Systems Support

Systems Administrator

Hakimzadeh, Khosrow

231C Machray Hall, 231C Machray Hall 204-474-6602
Computer Systems Coordinator

Popiel, Andrew

Office of the Dean 259 Machray Hall 204.474.7288
Information Systems Technician

Wong, Fred

231B Machray Hall & 231C Machray Hall 204-474-6224

Health, Safety & HR

Safety Advisor

Lerner, Betty

506 Machray Hall 204-474-7654
HR Officer

Robinson, Jessie

239 Machray Hall 204-474-8132