Computer Science – Student Application Process

You generally apply at the end of your 2nd year (April), once you have completed the majority of the six required 2nd year courses and a minimum of 54 credit hours. Please note that even if you are using the summer term to meet these requirements, you should still submit an application in April.

To initiate the application process, please click on the link below. The application process is slightly different depending upon your program.

  1. Students are first required to create a “careerCONNECT” account at under the Students tab and using their “” email address.
  2. Email your completed intake form, along with a pdf of your resume and current web transcript to Computer Science Co-op via email at

    NOTE: application for 2020 has closed.

  3. If you satisfy all eligibility requirements, the Co-op Office will contact you, via email, to arrange an intake interview. The intake interviews will be conducted remotely and dates are yet to be determined.
  4. Following the interview you will receive access to an online application in careerCONNECT. This is the final step in the process. A deadline for the online application will be provided to you upon completion of the intake interview.

Incomplete submissions will result in an ignored/declined application.

Students not selected for an intake interview will be advised by the Co-op Office, via email.

Contact a Science Academic Student Advisor to check your academic requirements if necessary.