Transferring from Master’s to Ph.D. program

Students who not completed a Master’s program may transfer to the Ph.D program within the same department upon recommendation to the Faculty of Graduate Studies by the student’s major department.  The recommendation must be made within 18 months of the students’s commencement of the Master’s program.  The coursework completed in the Master’s program would normally become a part of the Ph.D program, and the number of years spent in the Master’s program would be counted as years in the Ph.D. program.  Students must complete at least 12 credit hours of coursework at the 7000 level (including the two core courses;  BIOL 7100:  Core Skills in Biological Sciences Research. and BIOL 7220:  Critical Thinking in Biological Sciences).

If the transfer occurs within 12 months of the initial registration in the Master’s program, the student will be assessed Ph.D. program fees for 3 years.  If the transfer occurs after 12 month, the student will be assessed Ph.D. program fess for 2 years.  Students are cautioned that such transfers may impact on the University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship duration.

The request to transfer from the Master’s program to the Ph.D. program must be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies at least one month prior to the term for which the student intends to commence the Ph.D. program.  The following are required when making the request:

  • Application for Admission Form
  • Application Fee
  • Recommendation letter from advisor

The student must submit a completed application as described in the FGS regulations above.  The student must write an outline of proposed research (with minimal  assistance from the advisor).  This outline should be more than an abstract.  It should demonstrate the student’s potential to do independent research, the depth and breadth of conceptual undertaking by the student (required for Ph.D. level research), and also demonstrate the student’s understanding of the most relevant literature.  This proposal must be provided to each member of the department Graduate Studies Committee at least one week prior the committee meeting.  During the initial portion of the “transfer” meeting, the student must present the proposed program of research (30 minutes maximum), and answer any questions pertaining to the application.