Adjunct Faculty

The purpose of our Adjunct Professor Program is to enhance the scientific expertise of the department, provide specialized supervision of graduate students, and increase cooperation in research and teaching with other departments and institutions.  Adjunct Professor duties on our department primarily involve graduate student supervision, but may also involve teaching (graduate and/or undergraduate) and service.

Adjuncts may be contacted directly from more information about their research programs and graduate student opportunities.  Researchers interested in obtaining adjunct status in Biological Sciences should contact the chair of the adjunct committee, Dr. Jim Roth.

  • Pascal Badiou, Ducks Limited (204-231-9424)
    Wetlands and aquatic ecologyWebsite
  • Rene Belland, University of Alberta (780-492-0801)
    Distribution and diversity of mosses and liverworts.  Website
  • Paul Blanchfield, Fisheries & Oceans Canada (204-948-4524)
    Freshwater fish ecology & behaviour.
  • Guanqun (Gavin) Chen, University of Alberta (780-492-3148)
    Plant Lipid Biotechnology.   Website
  • Bill Diehl-Jones, Athabasca University (204-255-7896)
    Neonatal nutritional physiology
  • Steve Ferguson, Fisheries & Oceans Canada (204-983-5057)
    Arctic marine mammal population health.  Website
  • Sara Good, University of Winnipeg (204-786-9434)
    Genetic analysis of genomes and populations.   Website
  • Maria Antonia Henriques, Agriculture Canada (204-822-7551)
    Molecular plant pathogen interactions.  Website
  • Scott Higgins, IISD-Experimental Lakes Area Inc. (204-958-7700 ext. 741)
    Freshwater ecology.   Website
  • Dan Isaak, U.S. Forest Service (208-373-4385)
    Native fish research, conservation and management.  Website
  • Lisa Loseto, Fisheries & Oceans Canada (204-983-5135)
    Arctic marine ecosystem science, marine predators & chemical biomarker.
  • Oliver Lung, National Centre for Foreign Animal Diseases (204-789-2014)
    Viral Genomics.
  • Marianne Marcoux, Fisheries & Oceans Canada (204-983-5023)
    Arctic marine mammal bioacoustics & chemical biomarkers.  Website
  • Dennis Murray, Trent University (705-748-1011 ext. 7078)
    Predator-prey relationships & population ecology.  Website
  • Stephen Petersen, Assiniboine Park Zoo (204-927-6090)
    Molecular ecology of Arctic marine mammals.  Website
  • Michele Piercey-Normore, Memorial University of Newfoundland (706-637-7166)
    Lichen systematics, secondary metabolites & symbiont interactionsWebsite
  • Jim Reist, Fisheries & Oceans Canada (204-983-5032
    fish ecology
  • Mike Rennie, Lakehead University (807-346-7860)
    Freshwater ecology & fisheries.  Website
  • Ross Tallman, Fisheries & Oceans Canada (204-983-3362)
    Arctic fish stock assessment & integrated ecosystem research.
  • Cortney Watt, Fisheries & Oceans Canada (204-451-0087
    Arctic marine mammal foraging ecology.
  • Jen Zamon, NOAA (203-739-1055)
    Marine predator-prey interactions & pelagic fishes.  Website