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New Research Chairs in Fundamental Science

The Faculty of Science is pleased to announce three new Research Chairs in Fundamental Science, one in the physical sciences, one in the life sciences and one in mathematical/computational sciences. The awards recognize and support researchers in the Faculty of Science who are conducting outstanding fundamental research in these areas. Chairs are awarded $20,000 in...


UM Today: Come cheer on this year’s 3MT finalists on March 18

From health to the humanities, the finalists for this year’s 3MT competition are demonstrating how graduate student research at the University of Manitoba benefits our greater community. Seventy-three students applied, 36 competed in three heats, and the judges narrowed it down to 14. Those finalists – both masters and doctoral students – are now gearing...


Putting Family First: Professor Jane Waterman’s Study of the ‘Uber Social’ Cape Ground Squirrel

Google “Cape Ground Squirrel” and you’ll find plenty of images of adorable rodents munching on nuts or sitting together in cozy family groups. Found throughout South Africa, Botswana and Namibia, they are a desert-adapted species found in arid areas. They are undeniably adorable creatures, but for Biological Sciences Professor Jane Waterman, their true appeal lies...


Net gain: First new butterfly species identified since 2016

The “Stanley Cup of entomology” has been won by a U of M biologist. THE GREAT BUCKEYE BUTTERFLY WAS FIRST IDENTIFIED BY U OF M RESEARCHERS The grey buckeye butterfly is dark brown, speckled, and somewhat mothlike, but it’s actually a beautiful new species ­— the first new one identified in North America since 2016....


UofM hosts successful Manitoba Lake Sturgeon Science workshop

When it comes to a fish story, the bigger the better, and there’s likely no bigger fish in Manitoba than the iconic Lake Sturgeon. So it was that on December 14th, 2018, conservation of this culturally iconic yet at-risk species was the main topic of discussion at the Manitoba Lake Sturgeon Science Workshop. Held on...


From One Extreme to Another:  Dr. Allyson Hindle’s Research Tests Limits

When describing the difference between arriving in Winnipeg in the winter and arriving in Antarctica to perform field work, Dr. Allyson Hindle’s answer is telling: “In Antarctica, there are mountains in the background”. A native Winnipegger, the comparative animal physiologist means no disrespect to her hometown. In fact, Hindle (now an assistant professor in the...


Faculty of Science Workshop fosters a culture of innovation and commercialization success

The Faculty of Science connected world class researchers with Manitoba’s top innovators and business leaders at its first Research Innovation and Commercialization Workshop on Friday, November 30, 2018. From the development of new biomedical equipment and devices, drugs and pharmaceutical development, artificial intelligence, big data, and renewable energy, many ideas and how to share them...


Wpg Free Press: Winter getaway: Inside the Buller Greenhouse

THE BULLER GREENHOUSE. // IMAGE SHARED BY @JURISDIXTION ON INSTAGRAM Wpg Free Press: Winter getaway: Inside the Buller Greenhouse JANUARY 25, 2019 — As the Winnipeg Free Press reports:  Up until 2014, the Buller Greenhouse at the University of Manitoba was only open to instructors and researchers in the biological sciences department. That year, Carla Zelmer, the new greenhouse manager, decided...


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada: Government of Canada invests over $12 million to advance innovation and sustainability in Canada’s canola sector

The Faculty of Science, at the University of Manitoba is pleased to announce that Dr. Steve Whyard and Dr. Mark Belmonte are among the successful recipients at the University of Manitoba to receive critically important funding to support sustainable canola research. Additional recipients at the University of Manitoba include researchers from the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences. The Government of...


2018 Faculty of Science Awards

2018 Faculty of Science Awards Celebrating those who inspire. Recognize excellence in teaching, research, service, and mentorship. OCTOBER 25, 2018 — The 2018 Faculty of Science Awards were distributed to six exemplary faculty members. In many cases, the recipients were nominated by their peers, students and colleagues. The awards represent the best in contributions to scholarly work...