Climate change may be putting beluga whales out of their depths

Shifting prey bases affecting beluga’s oxygen stores and diving capacity
Gary Anderson

Protecting Nature’s Living Fossil Lake Sturgeon

Jim Roth

The Arctic Fox: an Ecosystem Engineer

Understanding the role of Predators and Their Prey
Mark Belmonte & Steve Whyard

Enhancing plant performance and protecting Canada's most important crops

Undergraduate Programs

Discover topics in Biology, Botany, Ecology, Genetics, and Zoology

Kevin Fraser

Exploring the factors affecting the migratory patterns of songbirds

News & Events


Statistics Seminar: 'Hyper-Parameter Optimization & Best Practices on Model Selection"

Statistics Seminar by guest speaker Vinicius Melo from SkipTheDishes on "Hyper-Parameter Optimization & Best Practices on Model Selection"

Location: 111 Armes Lecture Building,University of Manitoba - Fort Garry,Armes Lecture Building 30B Sifton Road Winnipeg MB


BIOL 3100 Poster Session

Biological Sciences Poster Session Location: 201 Biological Sciences Building (BSB)

Location: University of Manitoba - Fort Garry,Biological Sciences Building 50 Sifton Road Winnipeg MB


I'm Flipping out - Active Engagement Works! Science Pedagogy Lecture Dr. Juliette Mammei

Join Dr. Juliette Mammei for a Faculty of Science Pedagogy talk. All are welcome to attend.

Location: Room #205,Armes Lecture Hall,University of Manitoba - Fort Garry,Armes Lecture Building 30B Sifton Road Winnipeg MB


Nobel Prize 2019 Streaming event - Congratulations Alumnus Dr. James Peebles

We will be streaming the 2019 Nobel Prize Lecture How Physical Cosmology Grew with Dr. James Peebles [BSc'58, DSc '89],...

Location: SSA Lounge,University of Manitoba - Fort Garry


Biological Scientist Margaret Docker Awarded FoS Life Sciences Chair for Work with “Vampires of the Deep”

Margaret Docker used to being an outlier. Since she started studying lampreys at the University of Guelph in the mid 1980’s, colleagues told her that the eel-like creatures were too narrow a “niche” to form the basis for a successful career as a researcher. Instead of changing her topic, though, Docker decided to dig in...


UM Alum Rebecca Sherbo Named 2019 Schmidt Fellow

In her first year as a Biological Sciences undergrad, Rebecca Sherbo (BSc/14) took an organic chemistry class taught by Dr.Philip Hultin. Utterly inspired by Hultin’s mastery of the subject and his style of teaching, Sherbo ultimately decided to switch to a Chemistry major. That decision has served her well, as Sherbo has recently been named...


Congratulations Scott Malotka

Congratulations Scott Malotka, PhD student in Biological Sciences at the University of Manitoba, who received one of four Meritorious Student Presentation awards at the 2019 American Parasitologists meeting in Rochester, Minnesota.


UM Today: Verna J. Kirkness Program encourages youth for 10th year

This week, Grade 11 students from 12 different communities in Manitoba and Saskatchewan are taking part in the Verna J. Kirkness Science and Engineering Education Program at the University of Manitoba. In partnership with the university, the Verna J. Kirkness Science and Engineering Education Foundation is hosting the program on campus for the 10th time....

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