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Discover topics in biology, botany, ecology, genetics and zoology

Jim Roth

The arctic fox: and ecosystem engineer

Understanding the role of predators and their prey

Climate change may be putting beluga whales out of their depths

Shifting prey bases affecting beluga's oxygen stores and diving capacity
Gary Anderson

Protecting Nature's living fossil lake sturgeon

Mark Belmonte & steve whyard

Enhancing plant performance and protecting canada's most important crops

Kevin Fraser

Exploring the factors affecting the migratory patterns of songbirds

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How to Create a LinkedIn Profile workshop - Distance Delivery

Join this online workshop and learn the steps to create your own LinkedIn profile. Complete the workshop with your new...

Location: Online Distance Delivery


[Free Science Online Public Talks] SPOT - The Strength of a Secret

Dr. Susan Cooper, Associate Professor, Mathematics "The Strength of a Secret"


[Free Science Online Public Talks] SPOT- Nobel Laureate Dr. Jim Peebles

Nobel Laureate, Dr. James (Jim) Peebles, [BSc(Hons)/58, DSc/89] 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics, Professor Emeritus, Princeton University "Lessons on the...


[Free Science Online Public Talks] SPOT - How to see in 100 dimensions: Transforming your data

Max Turgeon, Assistant Professor, Statistics Dimension Reduction – Representing High-dimensional data in fewer dimensions


[Free Science Online Public Talks] SPOT - Colliding black holes and neutron stars

Dr. Michael Landry [PhD/00] Head of LIGO Hanford Observatory/Caltech Colliding black holes and neutron stars: latest results from LIGO and...


[Free Science Online Public Talks] SPOT- Indigenous Science Topic, Dr. Myrle Ballard

Dr. Myrle Ballard, Assistant Professor, Indigenous Scholar, Chemistry Indigenous Science Topic Title: TBA Dr. Ballard has a Ph.D. in Natural...


[Free Science Online Public Talks] SPOT - Details: TBA

Details: TBA


[Free Science Online Public Talks] SPOT - Augmented Human - Dr. Pourang Irani, (Tier 2), CRC

Augmented Human - Dr. Pourang Irani, (Tier 2), CRC in Ubiquitous Analytics, Professor, Computer Science


Meet 3MT Competitor Anna Mikhailitchenko

Anna Mikhailitchenko In her search for a fresh way to think about whale research, graduate student Anna Mikhailitchenko currently doing a MSc in Biological Sciences, made a decision to participate in this year’s Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition. Her current research involves studying the patterns of humpback whale calls/acoustics across multiple time scales in their...


A student’s perspective – tips & tricks for adapting to remote learning

Hello, my name is Dennis Drewnik, a student in the Faculty of Science and I wanted to share my experience with transitioning to remote learning this past semester. As we all know, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Winter 2020 term was unexpectedly shifted to online learning, which brought forth its own set of challenges...


Science Rendezvous cancelled but UM student volunteers keep their heads up – science outreach continues

The news that Science Rendezvous was cancelled this year due to Covid-19 came as a shock to many. At this time last year, over 800 university students from across the UM campus, part of the UM STEAM group, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math), were eagerly planning the largest public science and engineering outreach event...


Summer Session 2020 in-person classes cancelled

All in-person classes for summer session 2020 have been cancelled. Departments are actively notifying impacted staff. Check UM Career for new posting for summer session. If you have any questions regarding your employment status for in-person summer session classes, please contact your home department.

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