Limited Access

Limited Access is a registration rule that allows students who have never before completed or voluntarily withdrawn from a course (or its equivalent) the opportunity to register for the course before students who are repeating it. Limited Access first took effect in Winter 2018 and applies for three consecutive terms following when you last completed or withdrew from the specific course.

What is considered a repeated course?

If you have previously taken a course and received a final grade, or voluntarily withdrawn from the course (VW)*, any future attempt to take that course or its equivalent is considered a repeated course.
*A previous VW is only considered a repeat if you withdrew in Winter 2017 or later.

If you are no longer subject to Limited Access (three terms have passed since you took or withdrew from the course) and want to register to repeat it before the Limited Access Term Expiry Date, you will need permission. 

To avoid delays, make sure you request permission from your academic advising office prior to your Registration time.
Permission may be subject to your faculty, college, school or program rules on repeating courses.

Faculty of Science students need to complete the Limited Access Override Form:

For more detailed information on Limited Access:

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