Current Students

You can follow our Program Planning Sheets or you can also reference the University 1 First-Year Planning Guide to determine first-year courses required to complete a Science undergraduate degree.

Common First Year Courses:

Life Sciences: (Biochemistry, Biological Science, Genetics, Microbiology)

  • BIOL 1020 Biology 1: Principles and Themes
  • BIOL 1030 BIOLOGY 2: Biological Diversity, Function and Interaction
  • CHEM 1300 Structure and Modelling in Chemistry
  • CHEM 1320 Introduction to Physical Chemistry

Computer Science:

  • COMP 1010 Introductory Computer Science 1
  • COMP 1020 Introductory Computer Science 2
  • MATH 1300 (M) Vector Geometry and Linear Algebra – or substitutes listed
  • MATH 1500 (M) Introduction to Calculus

Mathematical Sciences: (Actuarial Mathematics, Mathematics, Statistics) 

  • MATH 1220 (M) Linear Algebra 1 – or substitutes
  • MATH 1230 (M) Differential Calculus – or substitutes
  • MATH 1232 (M) Integral Calculus – or substitutes
  • MATH 1240 (M) Elementary Discrete Mathematics
  • STAT 1150 (M) Introduction to Statistics and Computing – or substitutes listed
  • COMP 1010 Introductory Computer Science 1

Physical Sciences: (Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy)

  • MATH 1500 (M) Introduction to Calculus or substitutes
  • MATH 1700 (M) Calculus 2 or substitutes listed
  • PHYS 1050 Physics 1: Mechanics or substitute listed
  • PHYS 1070 Physics 2: Waves and Modern Physics or substitute if listed
  • CHEM 1300 Structure and Modelling in Chemistry
  • CHEM 1310 Introduction to Chemistry


  • PSYC 1200 Introduction to Psychology

6 credit hours of introductory Science courses from the following: Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics

  • BIOL 1020
  • CHEM 1300
  • COMP 1010 and COMP 1012
  • MATH 1220, MATH 1230, MATH 1500, MATH 1300
  • STAT 1000

Program Planning Sheets

You can utilize the following program planning sheets to map out your program options. Choose the corresponding sheet depending upon the year you entered the program.

Please ensure that you consult a Faculty of Science academic advisor when making your program plans.

In the event of a discrepancy between the Course Planning Sheets and the information in the University’s General Calendar, the General Calendar will prevail.

Three Year Programs

  • Three Year B.Sc. General Degree
  • Three Year B.Sc. General Degree: Biological Sciences Option
  • Three Year B.Sc. General Degree: Chemistry Option

Preparing for Health-Related Programs

(Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Nursing, Physician Assistant, Veterinary Medicine, Optometry)