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With over 50 distinct programs, the Faculty of Science has so much to offer. Wherever you wish to go with your education and career, you’ll get the solid foundation you need here.

Programs at a Glance

The Faculty of Science offers the largest variety of science programs in the province. With over 50 undergraduate programs options to choose from in the following areas: Computing Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, and Physical Sciences. 

Statistics – Economics Joint Program

The Department of Statistics along with the Department of Economics (Faculty of Arts) offer a Joint Honours program for students wishing in depth study in Statistics and Economics.

Statistics – Mathematics Joint Program

The Departments of Statistics and Mathematics offer a joint Honours program for students wishing in depth study in Statistics and Mathematics.

Statistics – Actuarial Mathematics Joint Program

The Department of Statistics and the Warren Centre for Actuarial Studies and Research offer a joint Honours program for students wishing in depth study in Statistics and Actuarial Mathematics.

Physics & Astronomy - Computer Science Joint Program

The joint Physics & Astronomy/ Computer Science Honours program (details) combines core elements of the undergraduate Honours program in Physics & Astronomy with key courses from the Honours degree in Computer Science. Students will benefit from exposure to practical problem solving in physical science using computational methods as well as by gaining specific expertise in computer operating systems, data structures and scientific computing.

Biological Sciences - Medical and Biological Physics

Medical physics is the application of physics to medicine. It generally concerns physics as applied to medical imaging and radiotherapy, although a medical physicist may also work in many other areas of healthcare. The Medical and Biological Physics Honours degree stream introduces students to the theory, tools and techniques required for a career in Biological, Medical or Health Physics.

Physics & Astronomy - Physics & Math Joint Program

The joint program features a greater degree of specialization in mathematics. It is ideally suited for students interested in a career in theoretical physics. Students graduating from this program are well prepared to enter graduate school in these and closely related fields.

Tristan Smythe

Tristan Smyth, BSc (Hons.) Chemistry/16

“Joining the Undergraduate Chemistry Society (or “Chem Club”) was easily one of the best things I did. University isn’t just about studying/working 24/7, but also about the relationships and network you build during your time as an undergraduate.”

Ellyne Geurts

Undergraduate Biological Sciences

“I chose to study biology because I love animals and I want to contribute to their conservation. I also really enjoy working outdoors because every day is like a mini adventure, so I am currently pursuing a degree in field ecology.”

Josh Garfalo

Undergraduate Co-op Microbiology

“What stands out about my experience at the University of Manitoba are the professors and students I’ve met, they’ve been very approachable, and I’ve made many new friendships. I’ve also had the opportunity to work in a research lab and gain first-hand experience in a field that interests me”

Cindy Vuong

Undergraduate Genetics

“There will be times when certain courses will make you feel unsure and you’ll question if you’ll make it through. Stay true to what you are passionate about and press forward, soon these hard times will be over, and you’ll emerge a new strong warrior.”

Harley Bray

Undergraduate Chemistry Schulich Leader Scholarship Undergraduate Student Research Volunteer

“One of the things I’m super passionate about is volunteering for Science Rendezvous. Yes, we can do science and research and all this cutting edge stuff, but if we can’t communicate it to the rest of the world, then what’s the point? Science is for everybody.”

News for Future Students


Listening to the faintest music from molecules: A journey of 17-O NMR spectroscopy

Dr. Gang Wu – Department of Chemistry, Queen’s University, Kingston,...


Astronomy Open House

Astronomy Open Houses will continue throughout the summer.  Since the sunset...


Labour Day - Civic Holiday - University Closed


New Student Orientation Fall Term

Direct Entry Student Orientation September 4, 2018 9:00am to 4:00pm...


Fall Term Start



Saturday, September 8 8:30am – 4:30pm LabTrek for first and second...


UM Today: National Geographic: How Do You Study Endangered Whales? Collect Their Snot

As National Geographic reports: Because whales blow at the surface of the ocean, water gets mixed in with the material they expel. This dilutes the samples, like a breathalyzer that can detect the presence of alcohol, but not the concentration. Fortunately, there is now a way to distill the important material from whale blow, according...


First place win for students at Robocup

The Department of Computer Sciences is thrilled to announce that this year’s team from the Autonomous Agents Lab won first place in the Technical Challenges category at the 2018 Robocup Robotics Competitions held in Montreal from June 16th to 22nd. The soccer portion of the competition includes four individual events, including push recovery, high jump, high...


Using supercomputers, math, and way-out-there thinking to study the big bang

BRAD COWNDEN PRESENTING AT THE 2018 THREE MINUTE THESIS (3MT®) COMPETITION. There is a menu of theories to choose from for how the universe began, the most popular being the big bang option where every tiny part of every particle to ever exist was squeezed into a dot so compact it had no dimension at...


Mathematical idealist: UofM grad Ryan Sherbo hopes to help society, one equation at a time

Photo: Kira Koop. What do you get when you combine mathematics with a desire to make the world a better place? You get a University of Manitoba grad with a Bachelor’s degree in Honour Mathematics, a specialization in Applied and Computational Math, and dreams of using their knowledge to help others. Ryan Sherbo is off...

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