Tristan Smythe

Tristan Smyth, BSc (Hons.) Chemistry/16

“Joining the Undergraduate Chemistry Society (or “Chem Club”) was easily one of the best things I did. University isn’t just about studying/working 24/7, but also about the relationships and network you build during your time as an undergraduate.”

Ellyne Geurts

Undergraduate Biological Sciences

“I chose to study biology because I love animals and I want to contribute to their conservation. I also really enjoy working outdoors because every day is like a mini adventure, so I am currently pursuing a degree in field ecology.”

Josh Garfalo

Undergraduate Co-op Microbiology

“What stands out about my experience at the University of Manitoba are the professors and students I’ve met, they’ve been very approachable, and I’ve made many new friendships. I’ve also had the opportunity to work in a research lab and gain first-hand experience in a field that interests me”

Cindy Vuong

Undergraduate Genetics

“There will be times when certain courses will make you feel unsure and you’ll question if you’ll make it through. Stay true to what you are passionate about and press forward, soon these hard times will be over, and you’ll emerge a new strong warrior.”

Harley Bray

Undergraduate Chemistry Schulich Leader Scholarship Undergraduate Student Research Volunteer

“One of the things I’m super passionate about is volunteering for Science Rendezvous. Yes, we can do science and research and all this cutting edge stuff, but if we can’t communicate it to the rest of the world, then what’s the point? Science is for everybody.”

Featured Events

Sept. 20 & Sept. 21 - The 2018 Robin Connor Lectureship in the History and Philosophy of Science

Dr. Anita Guerrini, Horning Professor in the Humanities and Professor of History, Oregon State University Adjunct Professor of History, University of California, Santa Barbara. Hosted by the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Arts.

Sept. 24 -28 - Rebecca Kamen

Sept. 25, Homecoming Luncheon - "Making the Invisible Visible" & Sept. 27 - Public Lecture, “Holding Einstein’s Brain: A Catalyst for Awakening Scientific Discovery Through Art“

Sept. 28 - Dr. Shawn Qu, [MSc., Physics/90] - Canadian Solar

Public Lecture. "The Future of Solar Energy", 2:00pm, Schultz Lecture Theatre. Refreshments to follow.



The second principle of magic: things which have once been in contact with each other continue to act on each other at a distance after the physical contact has been severed.” – James G. Frazer On Thursday, September 13, 2018, the Faculty of Science bid a fond farewell to Joan McConnell, Student Services Lead. Her long and fruitful...


BIOL 4542 brings research to life

MELISSA PETERS, [BSC.(HONS.)/16] WHO WORKED ON EXTRACTING THE DNA FROM THE SPECIMENS.Unless you are an avid fly fisher, you probably haven’t heard of the Rush Sedge Caddisfly. Much less studied than its butterfly and moth cousins, relatively little is known about this unassuming creature, outside the angling world. However, thanks to the initiative of Biological...


UM Today: A new appreciation for research

FACULTY OF SCIENCE STUDENT JOYCE LEUNG Fall term is starting and students are back on campus. While it may be time for back to school, UM Today is reflecting on summer by sharing some of the exceptional things U of M students were up to over the break.  Joyce Leung is a third year Faculty...

Programs at a Glance

The Faculty of Science offers the largest variety of science programs in the province. With over 50 undergraduate programs options to choose from in the following areas: Computing Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, and Physical Sciences

Statistics – Economics Joint Program

The Department of Statistics along with the Department of Economics (Faculty of Arts) offer a Joint Honours program for students wishing in depth study in Statistics and Economics.

Statistics – Mathematics Joint Program

The Departments of Statistics and Mathematics offer a joint Honours program for students wishing in depth study in Statistics and Mathematics.

Statistics – Actuarial Mathematics Joint Program

The Department of Statistics and the Warren Centre for Actuarial Studies and Research offer a joint Honours program for students wishing in depth study in Statistics and Actuarial Mathematics.

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