Funding & Awards

The Faculty of Science offers support for researchers in identifying potential funding sources and preparing grant applications. Faculty members are encouraged to contact Kristen Kindrachuk, Research Facilitator & Business Development Officer for information on funding programs.

Submission Policies and Procedures

Internal Review

Faculty are encouraged to seek assistance in preparing grant applications. We recommend applicants have colleagues read their applications and seek out assistance from the Research Facilitator. For major competitions such as NSERC Discovery Grants, NSERC RTI, NSERC SPG and CFI JELF review by the Faculty of Science Research Facilitator is REQUIRED. For review, email your complete application package as a PDF along with a Word file of the text components (e.g. Proposal, Most Significant Contributions) to

Approvals and Signatures

All funding applications must be approved prior to submission to the funding agency. Submit your completed application and FAAF via email for signing to 1) your Department Head, and 2) the Faculty of Science at After signing, the Dean’s Office will forward your application to ORS where it will be assigned to the appropriate contact.

Internal Deadline Policies

ORS Deadlines

Major Tri-council competitions (e.g. NSERC Discovery, NSERC RTI, CIHR Project Grants) are due to ORS 10 business days prior to the agency deadline.

Other ORS deadlines are typically 5 business days prior to the agency deadline unless otherwise noted on the Upcoming Major Funding Opportunities site or in the ORS Newsletter.

Faculty of Science Deadlines

Please submit your completed FAAF and application to for signing a minimum of two business days prior to the ORS deadline. If you are seeking an OPTIONAL review by the Faculty of Science’s Research Facilitator, we recommend review take place prior to submission to ORS, please allow up to one week for this review. Where review by the Research Facilitator is REQUIRED, a schedule for deadlines will be sent out in advance.

FoS Schedule for Common Grants & Awards

Agency Application Deadlines (updated regularly)

Apply Anytime

Internal Funding Support Programs