Leading Discovery

One of the largest academic units at the university of manitoba, we are a research-intensive faculty that strives to answer fundamental questions to better understand our world. In so doing, we position our students at the forefront of discovery and development across a broad range of areas impacting our community and industry.

Researcher Profiles

Samar Safi-harb

Research Involves: Understanding the remnants left over by supernovas, and the strange phenomena that occur…

Pourang Irani

Research Involves: Designing and implementing software tools to facilitate interaction with information in a ubiquitous…

Andrea Bunt

Research Involves: Human-computer interaction and intelligent interactive systems.

Peter Loewen

Research Involves: Characterizing factors that protect bacteria against oxidative stress.

Tapash Chakraborty

Research Involves: Explaining the physical properties of various nanostructured systems, including quantum donts, quantum rings…

Brian Mark

Research Involves: Using structural and molecular biology, to understand the basis of viral and bacterial…

Can Ming Hu

Research Involves: Spin Dynamics in Spintronic and Magnetic Materials, contemporary magnetism, spintronic technologies, Microwave Technologies

Margaret Docker

Research Involves: Evolutionary biology, molecular systematics and phylogeography, population genetics, conservation genetics of fish (particularly…

Bruce Ford

Research Involves: Biodiversity, Ecology and Environment, vascular plant systematics, particularly of the large and complex…

Francis Lin

Research Involves: The study of environmental guiding mechanisms for the migration of biological cells with…

Teresa de Kievit

Research Involves: Investigating bacteria as substitutes for chemical pesticides to control plant disease.

Stefi Baum

Research Involves: The study of activity in galaxies and its relation to galaxy evolution, the…

Gary Anderson

Research Involves: Physiology, Physiological and endocrine mechanisms in primitive fish (the little skate, Raja erinacea…

Jim Young

Research Involves: Artificial Intelligence, Human-Robot interaction, how people perceive and work with robots.

Pavel Dibrov

Research Involves: Membrane bioenergetics of bacterial pathogens; Na/H and K/H antiport in bacteria and organells;…

Jason Treberg

Research Involves: Examining how the mitochondria (small compartments in animal cells) respond to environmental quality…

Kevin Fraser

Research Involves: Avian Behaviour and Conservation, migratory connectivity, migration timing.

Juliette Mammei

Research Involves: Fundamental symmetries in subatomic nuclear and particle physics.

Mark Belmonte

Research Involves: Genetics of seed development, fungal infections in canola, bacterial biocontrol agents for crops, and…

Susan Cooper

Research Involves: Commutative algebra, combinatorial commutative algebra, algebraic geometry

Ayush Kumar

Research Involves: Multidrug resistance in Gram-negative bacteria, Antibiotic resistance and water security in First Nations communities, Resistance-Nodulation-…

Stephen Pistorius

Research Involves: Radiation Therapy, using Microwaves, X-rays, and Gamma-rays, Scatter Imaging (as applied to Positron…

Frank Schweizer

Research Involves: Medicinal chemistry of antibiotics, drug discovery for antibiotic resistant Gram-negative bacteria, antitumor compounds…

Research Highlights

$1.65M Awarded from NSERC CREATE in 2017 for Visual and Automated Disease Analytics program

Research Highlights

Research Highlights

$10M Awarded by CFI for the development of a radio astronomy data centre in partnership with the University of Toronto and York University

Research Highlights

Research Highlights

$5.3M Awarded in NSERC Discovery Grants program, scholarships and fellowships in 2017

Research Highlights

Research Highlights

$2.4M Awarded from Western Economic Diversification in support of a state of the art facility for Center for Oil and Gas Research and Development (COGRaD)

Research Highlights

Research Highlights

$2.15 Million over five years from NSERC in support of Manitoba Hydro Industrial Research Chair in Conservation Aquaculture of Lake Sturgeon (Acipenser Fulvescens)

Research Highlights

Research Highlights

6.23K Awarded by CIHR for the study of bacterial contamination and antibiotic resistance in drinking water from First Nation Reserves

Research Highlights

News & Events


UM Today: National Geographic: How Do You Study Endangered Whales? Collect Their Snot

As National Geographic reports: Because whales blow at the surface of the ocean, water gets mixed in with the material they expel. This dilutes the samples, like a breathalyzer that can detect the presence of alcohol, but not the concentration. Fortunately, there is now a way to distill the important material from whale blow, according...


Empowered to use her voice

In 2012, Alexa McAdam’s hard work and determination paid off when she became one of the first Schulich Leader Scholarship recipients. She entered the Faculty of Science that fall with $60,000 from the Schulich Foundation to help her follow her dreams. Each year the U of M awards two Schulich Leader Scholarships to incoming undergraduate...


City News: Tracking with tiny tech

As Winnipeg City News reports, University of Manitoba researchers are using miniaturized technology to track long-distance migration of certain insects and songbirds. Using this data, scientists hope to explore the relationship between those animals and humans. Kevin Fraser of the Avian Behaviour and Conservation Lab explains that tiny backpacks attached to birds and even dragonflies can track flight...