Graduate Admissions

Microbiological research is probably one of the most dynamic areas of scientific endeavour at present. Concern over the impact of society’s activities on the environment is increasing and there is strong need for research in environmental microbiology. Biotechnology, especially based on various gene manipulation techniques, shows tremendous promise in many areas of medicine, agriculture, industry and basic microbiological research. These areas, and many of our other technological advances, are continually expanding. They all depend heavily on basic research and a supply of highly trained individuals, such as graduates from microbiology programs. Consequently, there is a continual shortage of well qualified people. Career prospects for people with M.Sc. and Ph.D. training in modern microbiology are better now than at any time in the last three decades and there are official studies from NSERC (the science research funding branch of the Federal Government) to support that statement. A career in research, with or without assorted teaching duties, is a varied, interesting and very satisfying one in which the financial rewards are reasonable. It should be noted that this is a research based program and a Microbiology faculty member must have agreed to suprvise the applicant’s program before she/he is accepted for admission.

Microbiology Graduate Student Information

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Faculty of Graduate Studies Information

Application deadlines

Canadian/US students

  • June 1 for September session
  • October 1 for January session
  • February 1 for May session
  • April 1 for July session

International students

  • March 1 for September session
  • July 1 for January session
  • November 1 for May session
  • January 1 for July session

If you would like further information about our graduate program please contact:

Stephanie Carter (Administrative Assistant)
Department of Microbiology
213 Buller Building
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada
Tel: 204 474-9372
Fax: 204 474-7603


Dr. Teri de Kievit (Assistant Head)
Tel: 204 474 8987
Fax: 204 474 7603