Grad Student Travel Support

To be eligible for conference travel, the student must:

  1. be a registered graduate student in a Department within the Faculty of Science,
  2. be a co-author on the accepted paper or poster; and
  3. be the person presenting the work.

International Travel

To be eligible for international travel, the student must have a letter of support from his/her advisor:

  1. briefly explaining the value and purpose of the trip, and confirming that the necessary travel arrangements have been made where the student will be going (e.g. the foreign lab).

Students are personally responsible for assuring that they are able to make the proposed trip (e.g. obtaining visitors VISAs, innoculations, etc.).

Application Process

To apply for support, the student should first make a request to his/her home Department. This should be confirmed by a letter indicating:

  • that they are eligible,
  • the name of the event/lab to which they are travelling,
  • the location of the event/lab, and
  • the amount contributed from within the Department.

The student should then prepare a letter of request to be delivered to the Associate Dean (Research) of the Faculty of Science and attach a copy of the Departmental support letter. Requests may be left with anyone in the reception area of the Associate Deans’ offices (behind the Student Services area) in 239 Machray Hall. Requests are expected to arrive prior to the travel. No guarantee of support can be made for requests arriving after the travel has taken place.

In all cases, support will be made via reimbursement for expenses incurred, not provided to students up-front.