Investigating reactive molecules through spectroscopy

Dr. Jennifer van Wijngaarden explores microwave and infrared spectroscopy and the fundamental properties of molecules: to generate new species of molecules that aren’t stable under normal atmospheric conditions, the types of molecules found around stars and far-out planets and moons that drive the evolution of the Universe.

Studying the structure-function relationship of proteins

Dr. Jörg Stetefeld examines the structure-function relationship of proteins as dynamic systems: how are they involved in signalling complexes related to human disease and how can they be used for biomedical or industrial remediation applications.

Synthesizing novel anti-cancer agents

Dr. Frank Schweizer and a team of University of Manitoba researchers, have identified a unique way to potentially treat and cure cancer using carbohydrate-based antitumor agents.

Safeguarding our water

Co-founded by Drs. Gregg Tomy and Jörg Stetefeld the Centre for Oil and Gas Research and Development (COGRAD) studies more efficient ways to assess the effects of petrochemicals on our water supply.

Research and Teaching Excellence

The Department of Chemistry has a long history of success including a recent Nobel Laureate and two Banting Fellows.

State of the Art Instrumentation

The Department has access to a variety of state of the art instrumentation facilities and highly skilled staff available for service to researchers, students and the industrial community.

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Manitoba Materials Conference 2018

We are excited to announce the 8th annual Manitoba Materials...


Science Rendezvous

What’s fun, free and filled with chances to learn about...


Novel Hybrid Antibiotics

According to the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organization (WHO) antimicrobial resistance is the largest threat to public health and economic growth.  Research by the Schweizer group provides new insight how to cope with these challenges.  Click here to go to their review article commenting on recent findings how hybrid antibiotics overcome bacterial resistance in superbugs.


Graduate Student Poster Award Winner!

The Canadian Society of Molecular Biosciences 61st annual conference was held mid-April in Banff, Alberta. This year’s conference focused on “Membrane Proteins in Health and Disease”. Congratulations to graduate student Mary Hernando (O’Neil group) for winning a poster award at the conference!


Dr. David Herbert, 2018 Terry G. Falconer Memorial Rh Institute Foundation Emerging Researcher Award Winner

Congratulations to Dr.David Herbert on receiving one of the 2018 Terry G. Falconer Memorial Rh Institute Emerging Researcher Awards! The award recognizes faculty members in the early stages of their careers who display exceptional innovation, leadership and promise in their chosen fields.


Department Service Awards

The Department of Chemistry Service Awards are awarded to members of the Department who have shown outstanding contributions to service, research or teaching. This year’s awardees for research, service and teaching are Drs. Sean McKenna, Jennifer van Wijngaarden and Horace Luong, respectively. Congratulations!


CHEM 4710 Undergraduate Research Project Presentations

Fourteen students presented their impressive research findings at the CHEM 4710 Research Project Presentations. Congratulations everyone on a superb job and we are very proud of your accomplishments! The session was chaired by Dr. Mario Bieringer with opening remarks from Dr. Ivan Oresnik (Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, Faculty of Science) and Dr....


Share your passion and get others hooked too – Volunteer for Science Rendezvous!

Want to have some fun and share your passions and knowledge with the public, connect with your people and gain some practical skills?   Consider volunteering for Science Rendezvous, the largest celebration of science and engineering in Canada! Where we invite kids, schools, and parents to campus to participate in hands-on fun, and spectacular activities.   ...


Seeing electrons: from individual atoms to processes inside cells

SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA: STRUCTURE OF ALCOHOL OXIDASE FROM PICHIA PASTORIS BY CRYO ELECTRON MICROSCOPY DECEMBER 1, 2017 — As part of the Faculty of Science Interdisciplinary Series, Unter to Uber, Dr. Lena F. Kourkoutis will be giving a special lecture on how new technology has made it possible to “see” inside molecules, even at the atomic level. Such...


Exploring the Periodic Table: Computational Chemist awarded $300K Discovery Grant for chemical research in green energy and high-performance materials

IMAGE SUPPLIED. DECEMBER 4, 2017 — Georg Schreckenbach is a man who knows how to take advantage of an opportunity. Good thing, too, since he was recently awarded a $300,000 NSERC Discovery Grant. Not only will this money allow the computational chemist to fund four students in his lab, but to feel secure in the knowledge that...