Synthesizing novel anti-cancer agents

Dr. Frank Schweizer and a team of University of Manitoba researchers, have identified a unique way to potentially treat and cure cancer using carbohydrate-based antitumor agents.

Studying the structure-function relationship of proteins

Dr. Jörg Stetefeld examines the structure-function relationship of proteins as dynamic systems: how are they involved in signalling complexes related to human disease and how can they be used for biomedical or industrial remediation applications.

Research and Teaching Excellence

The Department of Chemistry has a long history of success including a recent Nobel Laureate and two Banting Fellows.

Safeguarding our water

Co-founded by Drs. Gregg Tomy and Jörg Stetefeld the Centre for Oil and Gas Research and Development (COGRAD) studies more efficient ways to assess the effects of petrochemicals on our water supply.

State of the Art Instrumentation

The Department has access to a variety of state of the art instrumentation facilities and highly skilled staff available for service to researchers, students and the industrial community.

Investigating reactive molecules through spectroscopy

Dr. Jennifer van Wijngaarden explores microwave and infrared spectroscopy and the fundamental properties of molecules: to generate new species of molecules that aren’t stable under normal atmospheric conditions, the types of molecules found around stars and far-out planets and moons that drive the evolution of the Universe.

Rapid Disease Detection by Electrochemistry

Dr. Sabine Kuss develops highly sensitive electrochemical methods and instrumentation to detect and understand medical phenomena, such as cancer and antibiotic resistance.

Preserving our Treasures

Dr. Jörg Stetefeld and his research team are collaborating with the Inuit community to track biodiversity in Canada’s North

News & Events


Social Insects - Dr. Stephen Pratt, Arizona State School of Life Sciences

Join Stephen Pratt for a Faculty of Science Interdisciplinary Lecture. Dr. Pratt studies the emergence of complex social behavior in...

Location: Robert B. Schultz Lecture Theatre University of Manitoba - Fort Garry Winnipeg MB


Chemistry Seminar: Dr. Saurabh Chitnis (Dalhousie University)



Dr. Justin Nodwell, University of Toronto, Faculty of Science Interdisciplinary Lecture Series

Join the Faculty of Science for an exciting talk with biochemist, Dr. Justin Nodwell, Professor, University of Toronto.

Location: University of Manitoba - Fort Garry,Robert B. Schultz Lecture Theatre University of Manitoba - Fort Garry Winnipeg MB


Chemistry Seminar: Dr. Susan Logue



Chemistry Seminar: Dr. Roger Linington (Simon Fraser University)



Chemistry Seminar: Dr. Christopher Yip (University of Texas in Austin)

Title: TBA

Location: University of Manitoba - Fort Garry


Chem Club Presents: Research Night

Learn about all of the research done in the Chemistry department at the Chemistry Research Night! A great opportunity to speak with faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students about summer research awards and research opportunities! Where: 539 Parker When: 5:45 PM on Thursday, October 3


Research Manitoba Funding

Research Manitoba just announced $1.24M in research funding to support 25 master’s students and 12 early career researchers. We’re proud to announce that two of the newest additions to our Department, Drs. Sabine Kuss and Christian Kuss, are two of the early career researchers who received funding. Congratulations! For a full news release on the...


Graduate Student Recruitment – Dr. S. Kuss Group

PhD Position in Bioelectrochemistry on Cancer Initiation The Laboratory of Bioanalytics and Clinical Chemistry is looking for an enthusiastic new group member to take on a challenging project working on the application of electrochemistry to study cancer development in human cells. Position The research of this postdoctoral position lies at the intersection between electrochemistry and...


UM Alum Rebecca Sherbo Named 2019 Schmidt Fellow

In her first year as a Biological Sciences undergrad, Rebecca Sherbo (BSc/14) took an organic chemistry class taught by Dr.Philip Hultin. Utterly inspired by Hultin’s mastery of the subject and his style of teaching, Sherbo ultimately decided to switch to a Chemistry major. That decision has served her well, as Sherbo has recently been named...


Welcome Dr. Olesya Fedoryak!

The Department of Chemistry would like to welcome its newest faculty member – Dr. Olesya Fedoryak.  She is an instructor and will be part of the team delivering CHEM 1300.


American Society of Pharmacognosy announces Paper of the Year – Sorensen chemistry lab

The Sorensen lab back-to-back papers in the Journal of Natural Products were selected by the editors for the Arthur E. Schwarting Award for Paper of the Year in 2018. The announcement was made public July 2, 2019 in the American Society of Pharmacognosy newsletter. As the American Society of Pharmacognosy newsletter reports: Dr. Sorensen’s award-winning paper represents the first genome sequencing and annotation...


Hot off the Press

The latest issue of Parker Communications has just been released! Read it here!


2018-2019 Chemistry Teaching Assistant Award Winners!

Each year the Department recognizes Teaching Assistants who have been nominated by students as those who have made a significant impact on their studies. This year, the recipients of the Department of Chemistry Teaching Assistance Award are: Godwin Ajaezi (teaching at the 2000 level), Dustin Nevonen (teaching at the 1000 and 2000 level), and Rajarshi...


Research Manitoba Funding Announcement!

Congratulations to Dr. Sabine Kuss and Dr. Christian Kuss who each received Research Manitoba New Investigator Operating Grants!    


Chemistry Scores Student Award Hat-Trick!

The University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships are awarded each year to graduate students at the University who have demonstrated superior intellectual abilities and academic accomplishments. We’re pleased to announce that three of the award recipients this year are from our Department! Left to right: Faride Rafiei (S. Kuss group), Dmitry Vrublevskiy (Bieringer group), Jonas Nguyen...