Indigenous Initiatives at the University of Manitoba: Faculty of Science Workshop Series

As part of a University-community wide effort to realize the goals and priorities associated with the University’s strategic commitment to Indigenous achievement, the Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba is hosting a series of upcoming events for our faculty, staff, students, alumni and the Manitoba Indigenous community, built around two key foundation areas: (1) Community Building and (2) Resource Building.

In particular, these events are aimed at:

(a) establishing relationships between University and community stakeholders,

(b) engaging with Indigenous FoS alumni to help craft on-going and future initiatives,

(c) helping FoS members understand key terms and concepts associated with the University’s strategic commitments in Indigenous achievement, and

(d) establishing digital resources that can help direct faculty and staff in their efforts to implement elements of the University’s stated strategic commitments on a unit level.

Information on this page will be updated as details are firmed up. Please check back regularly for updates!

We look forward to you joining us!

Upcoming Events:

Where: Science Student Association Lounge (Armes Building)
When: Wednesday, March 8th, 7:00 pm

Join us over coffee and dessert to share your experience in the Faculty of Science and engage with other Indigenous students and alumni. Your input could help the Faculty of Science better serve Indigenous students. All Indigenous students and alumni in the Faculty of Science are invited!

For more information or to RSVP, please contact:

What is meant by “Indigenous science”, “Indigenous ways of knowing” or “Indigenous perspectives”? What does “Indigenizing the curriculum” actually mean (or not mean) in a Faculty of Science? These concepts are central to the University’s strategic commitment to Indigenous Achievement; recommendation #62 of the Truth and Reconciliation Report calls upon us to “utilize Indigenous knowledge and teaching methods in classrooms.” However, it can be challenging for individual faculty and staff to understand what these key terms and concepts encompass, especially at the level of a Faculty of Science or individual departments. If we in the FoS are to build sustainable pedagogical and research initiatives based on these terms, we need to facilitate an introduction, oriented specifically to FoS faculty and staff, as to what they mean, work towards a shared understanding of them, and be able to point faculty and staff in the direction of resources and contacts that will enable implementation. It is a critical foundational piece to any sustainable effort in this area and would be open to members of other science-related Faculties.

A series of seminars and panel discussions have been planned, with academics and scientists who have explore these concepts in an academic context or who, by virtue of their experience working with these issues, can help demystify these terms for an audience of scientists and science educators.

Details: events to take place in the 2017/2018 academic year.

For more information on any events described here, please contact: