Dean’s Office Directory


Dean of Science
Stefi Baum
251 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-9348

Dr. Stefi Baum joined the University of Manitoba as the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Professor of Physics and Astronomy on October 1, 2014. She came to the University of Manitoba following ten years at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) where she served as Professor and Director of the Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science. Prior to RIT, Dr. Baum was an American Institute of Physics Science Diplomacy Fellow, at the U.S. Department of State where she worked to promote agricultural science and food security in developed and developing countries. Before that she spent 13 years at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) center working on the Hubble Space Telescope and the next generation space telescope, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).

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Peter-LoewenAssociate Dean,
Administration & Academic Planning
Peter Loewen
247 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-797-2134

Associate Dean,
Research & Graduate Studies

Ivan Oresnik
248 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-6574

Krystyna-colourAssociate Dean,
Undergraduate Studies, Student Experience
Krystyna Koczanski
249 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-8310

Associate Dean,
Undergraduate Studies, Programs
Ben Li
249 Machray Hall
Phone: 474-8231

Trevor-SchulzBusiness Manager
Trevor Schultz
237 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-9365

Confidential Assistant to the Dean
Marilyn Shantz
248A Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-9348

Assistant to the Business Manager
Andrea Deters-Yarema
235 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-6228

Confidential Assistant to the
Associate Dean’s (Undergraduate)

(On Leave)
Linnea Taylor
246A Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-6803

Confidential Assistant
to the Associate Deans (Research)
Tanya Zacharias
239 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-8507

Research Facilitator &
Business Development Officer

Dr. Kristen Kindrachuk
214 Buller Building
Phone: 204-474-9058

outlineConfidential Assistant
to the Associate Deans (Undergraduate)
Teresa Albinet-Lecocq
239 Machray Hall
Phone: 204 474 6803

Joan-McConnelExecutive Assistant, Student Affairs
Joan McConnell
234 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-8256

Christine-AdamsAcademic Advisor
Christine Adams
232 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-8256

Academic Advisor
Jenn Marchant
240 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-8256

Academic Advisor
Kristin Suffield
239 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-8256

Academic Advisor
Kathy Synkiw
239 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-8256


Academic Advisor
Ashley Tolton
239 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-8256

Office Manager
Robin Flynn
239 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-272-1518

Junior Advisor
Leslie Small
239 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-8256

Office Assistant

(On Leave)
Lauren Feldman
Phone: 204-474-8256

Office Assistant
Kai Labelle
239 Machray Hall

Administrative Assistant
Denise Alcox
230 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-272-1518

Office Assistant
Lori Ross
248A Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-8538

outlineScience Co-op Director
Geoffrey Anderson
204 474 9588
E2-484 EITC

outlineScience Co-op Coordinator
Riya Timpog
E2-483 EITC

outlineScience Co-op

Linda van Dam
E2-483 EITC

38ea155Computer Science Undergraduate
Co-op Coordinator

Lisa Wise
E2-499B EITC
Phone: 204-474-8695

outlineComputer Science Co-op Support
Elizabeth Barros (Ela)
E2-499 EITC
Phone: 204-474-8927

Communications & Promotions Officer
Jennifer MacRae
233 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-8790

outlineEvents Officer
Victoria Harris
233 Machray Hall

Industry and Community Liaison Officer
Jolen Galaugher, PhD
214A Buller Bldg.
Phone: 204.294.9773

outlineDonor Relations Officer
Ashley Davidson
239 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-7899

STEAM Coordinator
Seema Goel
239 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-6592

STEAM Photographer
Kira Koop
239 Machray Hall

Systems Administrator
Khosrow Hakimzadeh
231C Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-6602

outlineInformation Systems Technician
Fred Wong
231B Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-6224

outlineSafety Advisor
Betty Lerner
506 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-7654


HR Officer
Jessie Robinson
248 Machray Hall
Phone: 204-474-8132