Each summer, many students have the opportunity to work alongside professors in their research labs. If you are considering Graduate Studies, a summer research award will give you first-hand experience with a research project – give it a try.

These awards are intended to stimulate the interest of undergraduate students in research by providing them with valuable experience in a scientific research environment and to encourage them to undertake graduate studies.  Students holding one of these awards must be exposed to research activities during their work period.

If you have any questions or concerns with the application, contact information is in the right panel of this web page.


    • Visa students are not eligible for NSERC awards.
    • Students from other universities are eligible only for the NSERC awards.
    • Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5.
    • University of Manitoba students must be registered as full-time students (i.e. minimum of 9 credit hours per term) in a Faculty of Science Bachelor’s degree program at time of application. If a student has been registered full-time throughout their program except for the final term (during which they may only need to be registered part-time in order to complete their degree), they are still eligible to apply for an award to be held in the term immediately following their final term. Co-op or other students who complete their degree requirements in December rather than April are eligible to hold a Faculty of Science award in the summer following their final term.
    • Students may have applied to, but must not have started, a program of graduate studies.
    • Students already in possession of a Bachelor’s degree who are studying towards a second Bachelor’s degree are eligible to hold an award, provided they do not hold a higher degree in the natural sciences.
    • Students may hold a maximum of three total (NSERC and/or Faculty of Science) awards throughout their university career.
    • Supervisors for NSERC awards must be NSERC holders and supervisors for all types of awards must hold an appointment in the Faculty of Science.


Selection of Students

Ranking will be based on the student’s Cumulative GPA for all awards, except the Jack Prior Award.  The Jack Prior award is selected based on the student’s community involvement and/or leadership, but students must also hold a minimum GPA of 3.5.

Value of Awards

NSERC:  These awards have a minimum value of $6,000. Of this amount, $4,500 will be provided by NSERC and the remainder (at least $1,500*) will be provided by the supervisor.


Faculty of Science:  These awards have a minimum value of $5,500. Of this amount, $3,750 will be provided by the Office of the Dean of Science and the remainder (at least $1,750*) will be provided by the supervisor.


The Jack Prior Memorial Undergraduate Summer Research Prize and the H.D. Gesser Undergraduate Summer Research Prize in Chemistry: These awards have a minimum value of $6,000. Of this amount, $4,500 is funded by donor support and the remainder (at least $1,500*) provided by the supervisor.

* The supervisor’s portion can be from an NSERC grant or any of their other research grants. In spite of this latitude in source of funding, the supervisor of a student holding an NSERC award must hold an active NSERC research grant.


Duration of Support

The duration of the NSERC, Faculty of Science, HD. Gesser and Jack Prior award is 16 consecutive weeks. If a supervisor wishes to extend this period, the difference will have to be provided from the supervisor’s grant(s).


Location of Tenure

Students may undertake their research project through any department in the Faculty of Science.



Forms may be downloaded using the links in the right panel of this web page.

Forms must be completed by the student, while the Recommendation Section of a form must be completed by the proposed supervisor. An incomplete form may result in a negative award decision.

Submitting Your Application:


No paper copies of applications will be accepted – fill out and submit the file you downloaded.

Before submitting, append your name to the end of the file name. E.g. “USRA-application-2017” will become “USRA-application-2017 – My Name”


Jack Prior Award Applications

Submit your file to Tanya Martel at tanya.martel@umanitoba.ca.


USRA Applications

Depending on your Department, submit your application to the appropriate e-mail address below.

Biological Sciences
Sylvia Lapointe –  sylvia.lapointe@umanitoba.ca

Keith Travis – keith.travis@umanitoba.ca

Computer Science
Lynne Hermiston –  hermisto@cs.umanitoba.ca

John DiNoto – john.dinoto@umanitoba.ca

Stephanie Carter – stephanie.carter@umanitoba.ca

Physics & Astronomy
Wanda Klassen – wanda.klassen@umanitoba.ca

Margaret Smith – margaret.smith@umanitoba.ca


Application Forms:


Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) application


Jack Prior Award application



Tanya Martel

Assistant to the Associate Deans
University of Manitoba, Faculty of Science
239 Machray Hall
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3T 2N2
Tel: 204-474-8507

Email: tanya.martel@umanitoba.ca