Funding and Awards

The Faculty of Science at the University of Manitoba offers support for researchers in identifying potential funding sources and preparing grant applications. Faculty members are encouraged to contact Kristen Kindrachuk, Research Facilitator & Business Development Officer.

Faculty of Science Internal Funding Support Programs

Following the loss of the Delta Marsh Field station, the Faculty of Science created a Field Work Advisory Committee to make recommendations on how to support field work in the Faculty.  As a result of initial meetings held in early 2012, the Faculty is pleased to announce the Faculty of Science Field Work Support Program (FWSP).

The FWSP is intended to provide support for field work (both research and teaching) related activities by staff members in the Faculty of Science. Specifically, the program is meant to offset field-work costs.

With an anticipated annual allocation of approximately $70,000, the FWSP will run yearly competitions in the late fall soliciting proposals to support the cost of field work for either teaching or research related initiatives in the following year.

Please direct any questions/concerns to the Associate Dean Research
(at as the chair of the Committee, and we will do our best to resolve them.

Graduate Research Assistanships

Faculty of Science Research Assistantship Support
Policies and Guidelines

  1. These funds are to aid regular members of the University of Manitoba Faculty of Science who are supervising and financially supporting graduate students. Adjunct faculty members are not eligible. The funds are provided from the Faculty of Science operating budget.
  2. Within certain constraints, these guidelines are intended to provide departments with as much flexibility as possible, so that they can be used both to support current students and to recruit new ones. Specific mechanisms are the responsibility of the departments.
  3. Funds are to be awarded in units of $7,000 per year, with a required “matching” contribution of at least $3,000. The source of the additional match is normally a research grant held by the supervisor, but other sources may be used in special circumstances. Funding awarded directly to a student, for example a scholarship, is not eligible for this purpose. (Subject to any additional constraints decided by the department, students may hold scholarships, but the scholarships do not count towards the match.)
  4. Funding is meant as a contribution towards the support provided to a student by a supervisor for limited periods of time. Support associated with an individual graduate student may not exceed four years in total, which may include up to two years as an M.Sc. student. Possibilities include two years as an M.Sc. student plus two as a Ph.D. student, one as an M.Sc. student plus three as a Ph.D. student, or four as a Ph.D. student.
  5. Departments may put more stringent limits on the duration of funding, as long as they do not exceed the limits for total and M.Sc. funding as in point #4.

The purpose of these grants is to stimulate and encourage interdisciplinary research collaborations that initiate and strengthen research in new directions. Collaborations can be within the Faculty of Science at University of Manitoba (UM), or across Faculties at the UM as long as the PI is a Faculty of Science faculty member. “Interdisciplinary” is broadly defined and may be found within departments, across departments, and across faculties.

Deadline: 4:30 PM September 11, 2017
Submit applications to 

Full details

2017 Application Deadlines

All funding applications must be submitted to the Faculty of Science and the Office of Research Services (ORS) for internal review and approval prior to submission. When submitting your application to ORS, please submit your complete application package along with a FAAFincluding all required signatures at the Department and Faculty level. ORS deadlines are typically two weeks prior to the agency deadline unless otherwise noted.

Depending on  the nature of the proposal, international travel and awards may be handled through the University of Manitoba International Office.

Internal submission processes and procedures vary by competition. If you are considering applying to a competition, please notify your Research Facilitator at so she can advise on the appropriate procedure.

Deadline Competition Applicant type
27-Feb Brain & Behavior Research Foundation: NARSAD Young Investigator Grants  Researchers, Postdocs
08-Feb Brain Canada – Multi-Investigator Research Initiative (MIRI) Improving Health Outcomes and Quality of Life (LOI) Researchers
24-Feb Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR)  Researchers
16-Feb Cancer Research Society – Operating Grants (Full Application) Researchers
02-Feb CGS-MSFSS Foreign Study Supplements Program Students
15-Feb Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba – Major Operating Grants  Researchers
03-Feb Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba – Small Research Grants Researchers
14-Feb CIHR Canada-Israel Health Research Program 2017 Researchers
14-Feb CIHR Catalyst Grant: Personalized Health (Registration) Researchers
28-Feb CIHR Operating Grant: Innovative Biomedical and Clinical HIV/AIDS Research Researchers
07-Feb CIHR-IAVI Optimizing the VSV Vector towards an HIV Vaccine – Operating Grant Researchers
28-Feb CIHR-OG: Innovative Biomedical and Clinical HIV/AIDS Research Researchers
23-Feb Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Funding Call 2017 Researchers
09-Feb European Research Council Consolidator Grant Researchers
28-Feb Japan Prize (Japan Foundation) Researchers
15-Feb Kidney Foundation of Canada – KRESCENT New Investigator Award Researchers
15-Feb Kidney Foundation of Canada – KRESCENT Post-Doctoral Fellowships Postdocs
10-Feb Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada – New Idea Awards Researchers
10-Feb Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada – Operating Grants Researchers
22-Feb Mitacs Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship Postdocs
05-Feb NIH: Research Grants, R01 new Researchers
01-Feb NSERC Strategic Partnership Grant for Projects (LOI) Researchers
01-Feb Parkinson Canada Basic Research Fellowships Postdocs
01-Feb Parkinson Canada Graduate Student Awards Students
01-Feb Parkinson Canada New Investigator Awards Researchers
01-Feb Parkinson Canada Pilot Project Grants Researchers
21-Feb Prostate Cancer Canada – NextGen Awards in Prostate Cancer (Registration) Students, Postdocs
01-Feb Research Manitoba – Health Research Postdoctoral Fellowships Postdocs
10-Feb Riverview Health Centre – Operating Grants Researchers
14-Feb South Africa-Canada Research Chairs Initiative Researchers
01-Feb SSHRC Connection Grants Researchers
15-Feb SSHRC Connection Program Partnership Grant Researchers
03-Feb SSHRC Insight Development Grant Researchers
08-Feb Timothy R. Parsons Award of Excellence in Ocean Sciences Researchers
15-Feb UM Conference Sponsorship Program Researchers, Students
15-Feb UM Undergraduate Research Awards (URA) Students
23-Feb Western Economic Diversification Competition  Researchers
23-Feb Western Economic Diversification Program: Clean Technology Focus Researchers
Deadline Competition Applicant type
21-Mar 5th Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (Pre-application) Researchers
31-Mar AAFC BioProducts AgSci Cluster Researchers
13-Mar AAFC Canola Science Cluster (LOI) Researchers
17-Mar Academics Without Borders call for proposals – Step 1 (International Office) Researchers, Faculty, Staff, Administrators
17-Mar ACS-Petroleum Research fund (PRF) New Directions (proposal) Researchers
08-Mar AGE-WELL – 2017 Catalyst Funding Program Researchers
10-Mar ALS Canada-Brain Canada Hudson Translational Team Grants (LOI) Researchers
15-Mar American Mathematical Society China Exchange Program Researchers
15-Mar Banting Research Foundation Discovery Awards  Researchers
01-Mar BioCanRx Rolling, Open Call Researchers
31-Mar Canadian Liver Foundation: Operating Grants Researchers
01-Mar CFI – John R. Evans Leaders Fund, JELF (UM deadline) Researchers
14-Mar CIHR Foundation Grant, Stage 2  Researchers
10-Mar Dan David Prize (Israel) Students, Postdocs
01-Mar ETH Zurich Postdoctoral Fellowships (Switzerland) Postdocs
01-Mar Genome Canada 2017 Large-Scale Applied Research Project (LSARP) Competition: Genomics and Precision Health (Genome Prairie Registration Deadline) Researchers
27-Mar GlycoNet – Collaborative Team Grant Researchers
17-Mar Health Sciences Centre Foundation – Operating Grants (Full Application) Researchers
15-Mar HOMING Postdoctoral Fellowships for Young Researchers (POLAND) Postdocs
30-Mar Human Frontiers of Science Program (LOI) Researchers
20-Mar Human Frontiers of Science Program (registration) Researchers
01-Mar International Conference Travel Grants Program (UM/SSHRC TGP) Researchers
09-Mar Leibniz-DAAD Postdoc Research Fellowships Postdocs
06-Mar Marine Environmental Observation Prediction and Response Network (MEOPAR) – Call for Research Proposals:  Researchers
14-Mar Mitacs Canadian Science Policy Fellowhip Researchers, Postdocs
31-Mar Mitacs Globalink Research Award Students
05-Mar NIH: Research Grants, R01 resubmission, renewal, revision Researchers
01-Mar NSERC Brockhouse Canada Prize (nomination) Researchers
01-Mar NSERC Gerhard Herzberg Prize (nomination) Researchers
01-Mar NSERC John C. Polanyi Award (nomination) Researchers
27-Mar Organization for Autism Research: Applied Research Competition (Pre-proposal) Researchers
15-Mar Prostate Cancer Canada – NextGen Awards in Prostate Cancer (Full Application) Students, Postdocs
01-Mar Research Grants Program (UM/SSHRC RGP) Researchers
01-Mar Research Manitoba Health Research Mid-Career Operating Grants Researchers
01-Mar Research Manitoba Health Research New Investigator Operating Grants Researchers
01-Mar Summer Studentships for Cystic Fibrosis research Students
01-Mar University Research Grants Program (URGP) Researchers
31-Mar Weston Brain Institute: Transformational Research 2017 Researchers
28-Mar Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba – Research and Workplace Innovation Program (NOI) Researchers
Deadline Competition Applicant type
28-Apr AGE-WELL – 2017 Strategic Investment Program (SIP): Accelerator Funding  Researchers
28-Apr AgreenSkills+ Postdoctoral Fellowships (France) Researchers, Postdocs
15-Apr Alexander von Humboldt Professorship (nomination) Researchers
14-Apr ALS Canada Trainee Award Program Students, Postdocs
25-Apr Canada Research Chair (CRC) Nomination or Renewal (Agency deadline) Researchers
27-Apr Canadian Agri-Science Cluster for Horticulture and National Greenhouse Industry Priorities (EOI) Researchers
17-Apr Cardiac Arrhythmia Network (CANet) – Strategic Research Grant (Full Application) Researchers
17-Apr Cardiac Arrhythmia Network (CANet): Major Industry-Partnered Research Grant (Full Application) Researchers
03-Apr CCSRI Impact Grants (LOI) Researchers
01-Apr CCSRI Knowledge to Action Grants (Abstract Registration) Researchers
19-Apr Cystic Fibrosis Foundation: Pilot and Feasibility Awards Researchers
01-Apr European Respiratory Society Short-Term Research Fellowships  Researchers, Postdocs
20-Apr Hospital for Sick Children New investigator Research Grants in Child and Youth Health Researchers
17-Apr International Association for the Study of Pain Researchers
05-Apr Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions RISE – Research & Innovation Staff Exchange Researchers, Staff
11-Apr Molly Towell Perinatal Research Foundation Young Investigator Operating Grants Researchers
 21-Apr National Hemp Cluster 2018-2023 Researchers
03-Apr NSERC Idea to Innovation Grants Researchers
01-Apr NSERC Strategic Network Grants (Preliminary Application) Researchers
01-Apr NSERC Strategic Projects (application) Researchers
15-Apr NSERC Synergy Award program (nomination) Researchers
05-Apr SSHRC Impact Awards (nomination) Researchers
Deadline Competition Applicant type
15-May Arthritis Society: PhD Salary Award Students
 15-May Arthritis Society: Post Doctoral Fellowship  Postdocs
 17-May Arthritis Society: Strategic Operating Grant (LOI)  Researchers
 17-May Arthritis Society: Young Investigator Operating Grant (LOI) Researchers
12-May Associate of Commonwealth Universities – George Weston Limited Fellowship  Researchers
 12-May Associate of Commonwealth Universities – Gordon and Jean Southam Fellowship Researchers
 12-May Associate of Commonwealth Universities – Hong Kong Jockey Club Fellowships (inward and outward) Researchers
 12-May Associate of Commonwealth Universities – Jacky McAleer Memorial Fellowship Researchers
 12-May Associate of Commonwealth Universities – Swansea University Fulton Fellowship  Researchers
 12-May Associate of Commonwealth Universities – University of Manitoba Fellowship  Researchers
15-May Canada Council Killam Program – Fellowships Researchers
22-May Cardiac Arrhythmia Network (CANet): SEED Grant Researchers
01-May CCSRI Prevention Innovation Grants (Registration) Researchers
15-May CCSRI Quality of Life Grants (LOI) Researchers
15-May CCSRI Travel Awards Students, Postdocs
15-May Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba – Research Grant (RFP) Researchers
23-May CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholars Program Researchers
15-May DAAD Research Stays and Re-invitation Grants Researchers
23-May Health System Impact Fellowship (Full Application) Postdocs
31-May Kids Brain Health Network (Registration) Researchers
01-May NSERC CREATE program (LOI) Researchers
15-May Postdoctoral Researchers International Mobility Experience (P.R.I.M.E.) (Germany) Postdocs
31-May Self-funded Research Grant Program Researchers
01-May SSHRC Connection Grants Researchers
01-May University of Manitoba Creative Works Grants Program Researchers, Librarians
18-May Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba – Research and Workplace Innovation Program (Application) Researchers
Deadline Competition Applicant type
15-Sep CCSRI Impact Grants (Full Application) Researchers
15-Sep CCSRI Travel Awards Students, Postdocs
13-Sep CIHR Foundation Grant (registration) Researchers
15-Sep CIHR Project Grants (Full Application) Researchers
11-Sep FoS Interdisciplinary Collaborative Grants Researchers
11-Sep Kids Brain Health Network (Full Application) Researchers
01-Sep National Center for Responsible Gaming: Large Grants (Full Application) Researchers
22-Sep NSERC CREATE program (Full Application) Researchers
15-Sep NSERC PromoScience Grant Academic Staff & Students
01-Sep NSERC Ship Time Grants Researchers
30-Sep Self-funded Research Grant Program Researchers
15-Sep Sloan Fellowship Nominations Researchers
Deadline Competition Applicant type
01-Dec Canada Graduate Scholarships Master’s Program (application) Student

2016 Application Deadlines

The following is a list of 2016 competition deadlines for which new competition dates have not yet been announced.

Deadline Competition Applicant type
18-May IDRC Doctoral Research Fellowships (application) Students
24-May CIHR/NSERC Collaborative Health Research Projects (LOI) Researchers
Deadline Competition Applicant type
21-Oct ACS-Petroleum Research fund New Directions (proposal) Researchers
13-Oct CIHR Foundation Grant (application, Stage 1) Researchers
18-Oct CIHR Project Grant (application) Researchers
18-Oct CIHR/NSERC Collaborative Health Research Projects (application) Researchers
01-Oct Ericsson Canada Inc. (RFP) Researchers, Postdocs, Students
31-Oct Ericsson Canada Inc. (Full Application) Researchers, Postdocs, Students
14-Oct Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers Call for Proposals Researchers